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  1. I think it's because the devs neglect everything shortly after release. This applies to every single part of the game. New things get introduced, then there's a couple months of bug fixing, balancing, tweaking, etc... Then nothing for many years. This is true of every mission type, every open world, every weapon, frame, pet, etc... Conclave is no different, there was a strong effort during early days to fix the bugs, balance it, etc... But eventually (like with everything else) they just stopped. As a development style this doesn't really hurt PvE modes that much because an insanely unbalanced game can still be quite fun! Unfortunately this style does hurt Conclave a lot more because PvP really needs continuous attention to keep it balanced and fair. So, your implied chronology is wrong. DE didn't neglect conclave because it was a failure. Conclave became a failure after (and because) DE decided to neglect it. I don't really fault the devs here, this cycle of intense attention to complete neglect and back again when they feel like it is exactly the work-style that comes naturally to people who are really passionate about something.
  2. This is extremely silly and useful for nothing in my life. I can't believe you wasted my time on this. I love it.
  3. Have you tried using recruiting chat to start matches with people?
  4. Huh? Am I missing something? When is there a gameplay situation where an enemy MOA is invisible? Is that a thing that exists? Sure, if you're all into realism then yeah robots can have sensors to detect non-visible wavelengths. But... Adding an ability that lets the player be invisible and forgetting to tell them that they're still visible to robots is, uh, bad game design. Sounds like a bug. As I recall, shooting an "alarming" weapon while invisible basically makes you trackable for a short period of time until it resets. Can you confirm that adding Hush and Suppress to your Primary and Secondary doesn't fix the problem?
  5. Not for me, but I'm aware that others might enjoy it. Hope they have a blast!
  6. A couple of things that may help you, because they helped me: The arbitration droptables (Arbitrations | WARFRAME Wiki | Fandom) show that not all the Arcanes appear in all the rotations. For example, Arcane Pistoleer appears only in rotation A and rotation C, you will never get it in rotation B. Similarly, Arcane Bodyguard appears only in rotations A and B. Keep in mind that arbitration rotations don't do the usual AABCAABCAABC... Instead they use AABCCCCCCCCC... So, if you play an arbitration for a long time then the A & B rotation arcanes will have 0% chance to drop until you restart from the beginning (this means that, for example, Arcane Bodyguard is best farmed by running short arbitrations, not long ones). If you just want the Arcanes and don't care about spawning lots of drones to farm Vitus from, then Disruption is your best bet. If you're fast you can do each rotation in under 3 minutes which is way faster than any other mode [keep in mind that you only need to defend a single conduit, just let the rest get blown up]. Infested defense on the mercury tileset is a decent second choice if you bring a frame like Mesa (preferably with Vazarin focus school to keep the operative alive). Hope this helps!
  7. I really enjoy the gunplay and mobility in Warframe, and quite often end up playing missions without using any abilities at all [not that I hate abilities, sometimes I like that too!]. For that reason, I tend to select based on appearance more than abilities. I typically avoid frames with unremovable floppy stuff that feels like dragging a wardrobe's worth of fabric around the map because it often clutters & obscures my view when aiming or parkouring. Same goes for frames that are overly bulky or have large built-in shoulderpads. I also generally like the early Warframe aesthetic of sleek and functional design over the flowy robes and skirts (kilts?) that became common later on. I'm one of the (probably) few people who didn't like when Volt got cloth physics! Appearance > Performance (Because let's be real, it's not like my Warframe choice has any effect on mission outcome)
  8. Uh... what? No. The logic was: Support provides bonuses to other players, but if those players are able to provide those bonuses (mostly passively) to themselves then there's no need for a Support frame in a team environment. I'm not sure how that translated to "There's no need for frames with high DPS." Yeah that's a fair point. A max health buff with passive regen with a speed & attack speed boost and some light CC is a good example of support that works with Warframe. I'll admit that my focus was on Trinity (the topic of this thread) and I didn't consider Wisp, you're right on this point. Yes, she's capable of doing those things. But the point is that every other frame is also capable of doing those things due to the toolkit of arcanes, operators, etc... I think I'll stop here, it doesn't look like we'll end up agreeing - I suspect we both have better things to spend our time on :)
  9. Sure we can back up a second. Take that statement and then add the fact that every frame has access to the bevy of arcanes, operator, helminth, pizzas, etc... and realize that the entire support provided by a "support frame" is therefore already built in to every single frame in the game, often passively. So, a "support frame" with a secondary function (like being a tank) then effectively becomes relegated to only the secondary function. [Not 100% true for new players who don't yet have access to 90% of the toolkit] (This is the context provided by Voltage's post which you quoted) Which then leads us to the statement That was the logic I used to get here, hope this makes it more clear. Let me know if you think I'm still wrong.
  10. This reads like "There's a place for support frames, because they can be tanks instead of support!" Sure, you're not wrong, but at that point it's really not a support frame anymore. For example, by this logic Inaros is a good support frame because he supports the team by shooting things and not dying.
  11. I think Trinity is outdated. Every frame has access to many methods of self-healing that are very fast and safe. (generally much faster and more reliable than depending on a Trinity teammate noticing that your health is low). The same is true for energy restore via Zenurik, Arcane Energize, Pizzas... which makes energy vampire basically only good for teams of newer players lacking those items/progression. You're right that Trinity in today's Warframe basically becomes a mini-support (periodically prevents other players needing to remember to regen their own energy & health) while being primarily a tank by using Link & Blessing for damage reduction. Unfortunately, the duration of the damage reduction buffs from Link & Blessing are both super low compared to similar damage reduction abilities on other frames. So if you want to play a tank-style build then Trinity is a bad choice since you end up needing to micromanage two separate short timers, instead of a single long one (or even no timer managing at all). There's an upcoming augment for Trinity that will increase her weapon damage output, but I doubt it will help since all mobs are trash mobs and all players have AOE that wipes the room. TLDR: I think her popularity is low because her entire support kit has been copied in Arcanes & Focus schools so she's just become unnecessary as a team player and her tank style requires micromanaging far beyond other frames' tank setups.
  12. DE designed this grind to be unbearable so you spend plat to buy converted Liches from other players instead. I don't like it either.
  13. I agree with this in principle. But not in this particular case. This thread is about the Gyromag Systems, Atmo Systems, and Repeller Systems, which can only be obtained from Vox Solaris (Profit Taker) Bounties. You can't just grind for "anything" and get these things passively, you have to do those specific bounties. [Remember that these items are also untradeable.] Perhaps if those bounties had better alternate rewards than relics & arch-gun mods, or earned you more affinity, or credits, or something... then it would be worth farming them for something else to get the necessary rank-up rewards passively. In short, does not work if what you're grinding doesn't drop what you're looking for.
  14. I mean, I sympathize because I also don't want to hurt animals, but at the same time this is a violent video game. It's filled with authentic-sounding death screams of humans (Grineer & Corpus of all humanoid variants), dogs (Kubrows, Drahks & Kubrodons), cats (Kavats & Hyekkas), pobbers, bolarolas, kuakas, condrocs, and all other conservation animals on plains / orb vallis / deimos. I think @LillyRaccune is correct: You are not wrong for feeling unsettled - it's kind of the whole point of these sounds, and if you feel it's important then you're right to voice your opinion strongly. However, I suspect you face an uphill battle trying to remove death sounds from a violent video game, and should maybe consider that perhaps violent games simply aren't your thing if you find the death sounds too difficult? Delving a little deeper, it sounds like you are specifically concerned with the death sounds of dog-like animals in particular, and don't have the same problem with the horrific death screams and awful suffering of humans and other animals simulated in the game. When I was growing up, we had two cats. They are now both dead (one quite recently) and I terribly miss them. As a result, I sometimes struggle with cats or cat-like animals being harmed in movies and/or video games [and other animals in general, but cats in particular due to my own experience]. I don't know what experience you have with dogs in your life, but I would guess that this has something to do with your very specific adverse reaction to the sounds made by dog-like animals in-game. What works for me (with cats) is to remember that the animals on-screen are not real, their actions are coded and their sounds are simulated. No animal is actually being harmed. Not sure if that will help you, but it works for me! Hope this helps!
  15. 90% of the stats on-screen mean nothing at all. They aren't properly hooked up and are calculating something completely different, just ignore. Especially ignore anybody who references them to act superior.
  16. That is the correct interpretation, glad you figured it out :D
  17. Ever met a capture target after the mission? No? That's because you didn't teleport them off the map, you vaporized them into a million glowing pieces. Murderer.
  18. Agreed. Lich system is basically a 10 hour Capture mission grind followed by 1-2 hours of murmurs and Lich. I guess it's designed to make you spend plat on buying converted Liches from other players instead of doing the insane Capture grind yourself.
  19. I'm not totally opposed and would entertain a "hard reset" as long as players are still able to play as Warframes. I would also try the Grineer versus Corpus style mode people are often talking about. I do agree that a substantial rework is probably necessary if Conclave is to be enjoyable for the majority of the current Warframe community, and would certainly be open to changes that lower the skill ceiling and raise the skill floor substantially - I do think this is a necessary part. That being said, if they scrapped the current Conclave and turned it into a racing mode I would probably lose interest quite fast (but I would try it!). For me personally, I think the current Conclave has huge potential but is extremely flawed due to design choices that make it way too easy for experienced players to dominate new players with basically zero risk. I'm definitely supportive of ways to seriously shrink the skill gap. Conclave is most fun when playing an even match, and so I see this kind of change as "slipping towards my fingers." But yeah, if they scrapped it and replaced it with something completely different... I would give it a go and try to have an open mind. However I grew up on arena shooters and think a racing game won't quite scratch the same itch that Conclave currently does for me.
  20. I think it depends on what you mean by "change." As far as I can tell, Conclave players are generally supportive of incremental changes to improve the game-mode. But if "change" means to get rid of it entirely and replace it with something completely different like Archwing Racing, then that's a different story. That doesn't mean that something completely different shouldn't be done, but in that case the old version should still be kept for those who enjoy it - especially since it requires only a negligible amount of maintenance.
  21. "Conclave should be deleted" is an opinion, not a fact. The merits of your opinion are based on the arguments you make, and so far you have only made a single argument: Low player engagement -> should be deleted. That is a bad argument, especially since it periodically applies to 90% of the entire game. No, it's not. I (and others) will freely admit that there are valid arguments for why DE should delete or not work on Conclave [Personally I think the arguments for keeping Conclave outweigh these, but I acknowledge the other side arguments do exist and are valid]. You just haven't said any of those valid arguments yet. Also, there are even people in this thread who do not play Conclave who are disagreeing with you. I would guess that it has less to do with your position and more to do with how you decided to embed your arguments within a bunch of unnecessary toxicity. Opening with toxicity and bad faith arguments, then claiming you're being victimized by a "hivemind" when people call you out for it, is sad.
  22. Being toxic reflects badly on you, not on the people you are being toxic towards. Worth remembering 👍
  23. You're right that Conclave players were not happy about the universal medallions, but wrong about the reason. At the time there was still hope that DE would come back to the mode, fix the exploits, and breathe new life into it. When they announced the universal medallions it really sounded like they were giving up on the game-mode altogether. The same thing happened when DE added Arcanes to the Scarlet Spear event. Eidolon hunters became upset not because "their exclusive rewards" were being taken away but because they felt that there were still improvements and fixes to be made in Eidolon hunting that would now likely get swept under the rug for even longer. Also, saying that a community of players is "extremely loud" and would "most likely scream" really detracts from anything useful you could contribute to the discussion. Being toxic reflects badly on you, not on the people you are being toxic to.
  24. Did you try using recruiting chat? Nice false equivalence you got there. Raids weren't removed because they had low player engagement, they were removed because they bugged out and required hotfixes after almost every update. Besides, do you really think removing things based on low player engagement is a good idea? It's a really good thing you're not on the dev team, because removing everything with low player engagement means removing pet breeding, mining/fishing, Eidolons, the new player experience, all quests, etc...
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