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  1. I would worry that peculiar bloom-style effects could also be problematic. Imagine getting hit by a player and now flowers are growing on your arm, and it blocks your aim! Yikes! Cosmetic Arcanes are definitely a good idea overall, but would need to be thought about carefully before implementing anything in-game. I was thinking something like "Equip this Arcane and your feet glow with your chosen energy color for one second every time you bullet jump." That way it's a cosmetic item that could be detrimental to the player equipping it (since you become more visible to others). So it ends up being a flex item that you can unequip if you feel it's bringing you down.
  2. You're right, this is a problem. We should probably begin by asking why people don't want to play public conclave matches. The reason is that DE stopped fixing the exploits and banning the people who abuse them, so it's become an exploiters heaven. Therefore, people who like conclave are playing with friends and not inviting known exploiters (because they ruin fun matches). So, it seems the obvious answer is "let's fix the exploits!" That should bring the Conclave regulars back to public matches, and likely even bring new players in. Suggesting that people should break the EULA is probably not a very smart idea...
  3. Yeah, something like this would also be great! Anything to make me use braincells instead of just spam spam spam :) This idea basically already exists in the game as eximus auras, but these auras are so weak and useless that I think most players don't even know what they do (except for energy leech).
  4. Oops, totally forgot! Just lumped them all into one and the same category in my head :) been years since I obtained them all. Apologies! Rolls without amalgam barrel diffusion indeed do cover more distance. So using the mod trades a longer distance roll for a faster one that covers less distance. I find this useful because it means I can start new maneuvers faster, and spend less time locked in animations.
  5. Right, I was speaking generally about the vast majority of melee attacks. If we wanted to get into specifics and handle every single edge case then it would be a much longer post. You're right to point it out, though.
  6. I use Amalgam Serration and Amalgam Barrel Diffusion on all of my favorite primary / secondary weapons. I got used to the faster sprint speed and quick rolls, and now there's just no way to go back - feels super slow and clunky by comparison. Even when the new secondary Multishot mod comes out, I'll probably still keep Amalgam Barrel Diffusion. No amount of Multishot is worth slow-rolling.
  7. Just for the sake of completeness: The devs have changed this and stated that the new stuff will be obtained from arbitration. Sure, that would help. But I doubt it would go far enough. Even if you took a single-target semi automatic ranged weapon and made it do infinite damage it still wouldn't be at the level of melee. Melee weapons obliterate entire groups of steel path enemies super fast, with zero downtime for things like reload and weapon swapping. There is simply no way that a single target semi auto ranged weapon can compete with that. So, unless this comes with a HEAVY nerf to melee, it still wouldn't make things balanced. Which brings us to the real question: Is there a reasonable place for single target weapons in a horde game? The answer is yes, because we have already seen it work with the Nox enemy. This enemy has huge damage reduction to the body, but with a weakpoint easily accessed only by single target precise weapons. Aside from special case bosses like Eidolons, Nox is the only standard-mission enemy where using a ranged weapon is actually more effective than using melee. So it seems clear to me that a good solution is to "Noxify" all the other heavy units in the game - give them heavy damage reduction on the body, but with a weakpoint accessible to single target ranged weapons. This means that the optimal playstyle is to use AOE or melee to wipe trash mobs, and then fluidly swap to ranged when you need to take out a heavy target. I like this because it mixes things up and incentivizes using your entire loadout instead of just a single meta piece of equipment. Keeps things fresh and exciting! Let me know what you think!
  8. Definitely Conclave. PvE doesn't require you to learn how to use the mobility system to its fullest, and I learned just how little I knew after 3k PvE hours when I tried Conclave for the first time. Super underrated game-mode!
  9. Instead of moving the rewards to a different place, we could ask DE to balance Conclave, fix the massive exploits that decimated its playerbase, and correct the flawed matchmaking. I think this would be a more satisfying solution for everyone instead of just placing these items behind some grind.
  10. Quick story time: I was doing a steel path incursion for that sweet steel essence. Figured I would mindlessly mash WASDE keys for a few extra minutes to get an acolyte to boost my steel essence gain from 3 to 7 (yay for login resource booster!). Discovered something interesting: At a certain place in the Jupiter Sabotage tileset, the camera bugs out and you can pretty much get a first person view if you get the correct angle. See below! Kind of cool to see a first person view in Warframe! Gives me early 2000's FPS vibes, I think I have some old games to play again :) Anyway, thought I would share in case anybody found this FPS view funny / interesting.
  11. Today I got a Mod Drop Chance Booster from the Sortie reward. It doesn't show up in the upper right drop down notifications like other boosters do. Or perhaps the sortie bugged out and didn't actually give the booster.
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