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  1. В 09.11.2017 в 12:39, paul5473 сказал:

    Are you sure you looked in your messages to see the message from lotus in there detailing it all might be hidden as mine was 

    I checked all my messages. Only message from Lotus I got in that period was about Saya's Vigil quest (with attached scanner). Nothing about "Thank you, Tenno" promo. That sucks.

  2. On 26.10.2017 at 12:09 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:

    The early days are always the most volatile - economy balancing, fixing bugs, catching fish. As a thank you to those who stuck through the growing pains, we have a special gift up in-game for the next 7 days. All you have to do is log in to claim it!

    On login you'll find: 

    • 2 x Brilliant Shards
    • 3 Day Resource Booster
    • Ostron Community Sigil

    These are for you, Tenno. You made Plains of Eidolon better simply by showing up. 

    I was logging in game daily but I didn't get anything of that. Why? Should I send support ticket?

  3. 1 hour ago, DE_Adam said:

    Fixed a bright green visual FX showing on Saryn Prime when using Toxic Lash.

    Actually you didn't fix that. Check again.


  4. Changes:

    • Sent Nullifier Crewmen into Cerberus to help reinforce the Corpus forces there.

    So DE, you still continue to ruin the last fun in your game that still have nothing except grinding.

    Do you even realize that some frames (like Loki, Mirage, Valkyr, Nova etc) are too fragile and have to rely on their abilities to stay alive and be effective against high level enemies? And according your stupid tradition in game design there will be many freaking nullifier crewmen at the same time on endless game modes (same for napalms, bombards and other special/heavy units) and we will be completely swarmed by them (and enemies they cover).

    It looks the person who implemented this disbalanced and game-breaking unit knows nothing about current ingame situation.

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  5. Instead of remaking Syndicates, adding unique quest/missions for each faction and reducing overpriced standing requirements or offering new ways to get standing, you broke our frames (poor Mag and Excalibur have no really useful skills anymore for late game).

    Well, I didn't expect anything else from you. Change your mind DE.

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  6. Middleclicking with the mouse to cast an ability is pretty fast actually. Double lol. (it's only scrolling to select abilities that gets a bit tricky).

    Yeah, if you want to break your mouse wheel faster.

    Also using wheel you need to remove finger from fire button (lmb).

    And again, selecting abilities is tricky only for those who have one-button-spam thinking. Try to learn using more skills.

    Hotkeys are better solution.


    PS: I only could agree that 9+1 slots is better than 8+1 slots. But if DE think that 8+1 is more balanced - so be it.

  7. Hmm.. on mousewheel that's:


    A. scroll, scroll some more and oh that's the one I want! ( for those who used to switch between only 2 abilities).


    or worse yet...


    B. Scroll-click.. Crap! it changed to a different ability by accident! (for those who are used to it being locked to 1 single ability- yes it does this now. If you only have one ability on it will never ever switch to a different ability anymore, previously it WOULD scroll on to an unequipped ability).

    Do you use mouse scroll wheel for abilities? lol. Use hotkeys on keyboard as all normal people do.


    PS: I use C, F, E, Q for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th abilities.

  8. 1)  Most frames only have 1 good ability and 3 situational and/or useless abilities.  

    Wrong. Usually only 1 ability is useless. Do not forget, DE can buff some weak abilities after all.

    I always use 2 or 3 abilities. And these changes can solve some problems with lack of mod slots.

    Do not be one-button-spammer. :P


    And even if you want to use only 1 ability (and corrupted mods) you still can make your build around it (8 slots + aura will be enough).

    But you will also keep other 3 abilities that could be still helpful.

    • Fixed Sentinels being un-colourable and the 'Default' option not functioning.

    Nikana and Dragon Nikana have the same problem. They are un-colourable and the 'Default' option is not functioning in Arsenal menu.


    Also there is text overlapping between weapons stats and its skin in arsenal menu.


    Warframe Colour Customization Changes

     are horrible.

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  9. This must be the most broken event so far gj DE :D

    This event is broken as any other before. Because it's very hard for DE to test it by themselves (at least for a week) before bring it to us.

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    • Made Nyx's absorb resist magnetic damage so that you can't generate endless damage by chaining absorbs.

    LOL, are you serious? So I can't charge absorb sphere by my weapons with magnetic damage (when I fight against corpus and corrupted) or by Mag's Shield Polarize explosion... DE, maybe you will start to think about consequences of your actions before you do them?

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  11. Hotfix 13.5.1:




    - Trinity’s Blessing is now cast-able when in the air.

    Sorry, but it's not enough.

    Make Bleesing recastable while it's on, please. And make its damage reduction modifier be based not only on amount of health restored but also on amount of shields.

    Because now long duration builds for Trinity are not viable anymore.


    PS: my humble thread about Blessing issues and possible improvements: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/237652-trinitys-blessing-issues-improvements/

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  12. 1. I'd like to know more about Focus system.

    2. Are you gonna rework current mod system or add new mod slots for frames/weapons (because now there is no space for utility mods)?

    3. When will Valkyr's Hysteria be reworked?

    4. Are you gonna rework Trinity's skirt and remove that ugly lobster tail? Plz, say yes.

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  13. I think MPrime doesnt need the slowing/vulnerability effects.

    Oh really? Did you even fight against 50+lvl enemies? Pure damage abilities that don't scale become too weak and useless in late game. That's why Ember sucks. Crowd control and utility skills rule in Warframe.


    I think DE could solve the major problem with Nova (op damage at low/mid levels) just heavily reducing damage from MPrime explosions and removing MPrime recasting while it lasts. It would force players to use combo: MPrime as debuff/cc ability and Antimatter Drop as damage ability - instead of just spamming "4". Nothing else needs to be changed.


    Also it would be good if DE reworked Nova's first skill (it's near useless now) and increased her shileds (basic 100 instead of 75) for more survivability.

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  14. Where did they say that the double damage is going away?  I've seen people asking this and never any confirmation from DE.

    Since they described all features of new MPrime except double damage I'm starting to think they're gonna get rid of it. And that will be overnerf. Anyway they should state all things clearer (not as they usually do).


    They didn't mention the damage from explosions either, why do you think they'd get rid of the speed debuff without mentioning it?

    I'm not talking about speed debuff. I'm talking about double damage (including from MPrime explosions). And the fact they didn't clarify about damage from explosions is not good as well. After all those debatable, rash and stealthy changes I just don't trust DE anymore.

  15. Banshee's Sonar can't be recasted now until its timer ends if I'm host. Please change it back.

    If I'm not host I can't see its timer at all. Fix this too.


    Also Mag Prime's flying golden pauldrons became too small now and they're wrong placed (lower than before). Fix that.

  16. Reduce Blessing casting time at least thrice. Otherwise everyone just will die while Trinity casts this skill. Because now she will always wait until her or someone's health drops less than 50%. But taking heavy damage upon health when you fight against group of 40+ level enemies means in most cases you will lay on the ground and ask for reviving in the next two seconds.

    PS: Anyway I don't like how you want to change Blessing. Especially if it goes without high level enemies damage nerfing.

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  17. Name Suggestion: Corpus Auditor


    Art or Reference Images:




    EDIT: Can you tell I have been refreshing the page all morning?

    Great concept-art! But she looks more like warframe than corpus unit. I think it should be Trinity's re-design.


    PS: And stop erasing my comment whoever it was. <_<

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