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  1. I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you on this. Titania is a different frame than most that is true, but it doesn't make her boring. In fact if you learn how to use all her ability not just focus on Razorwing build, you will see how not boring Titania is.
  2. Please return the Tribute to the previous system. It is much easier for Titania to just cast it on selected enemies rather than to cycle like vauban or ivara. I hope you do know cycling a buff is very annoying when you want to just support the team very quick. Other than the Tribute change, I am very happy with this new rework on Titania. But please revert back the Tribute system, I honestly believe you just need to give better description on which type of enemies gives the buff/debuff. But I will give it a try
  3. Just 1 thing from me: ARCHWING REBALANCING AND WEAPON REWORK please. Seriously you have 3 different archwing functionality. AW in archwing missions, archwing in POE and archwing in Railjack mission. Why not balance them all and make the status changes and values very clear for all 3 types of missions. The least you guys can do is making the system in archwing mission is the same as the one in Railjack mission. So please Arch Wing talk about that. Arch Melee PLEASE MAKE THIS WORK AND USABLE AGAIN. ArchGun balance it please!!!
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