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  1. Oh yeah... Strife the acolyte... but would make sense I am not with them... cause Strife = Opposed or opposition, so I am opposed to him dumb move stalker...
  2. So I wanted to share this series of images I took... https://imgur.com/Wcknxax https://imgur.com/jfFmLzc https://imgur.com/pXD91E5 https://imgur.com/qpy5Nxl https://imgur.com/QnUWu01 https://imgur.com/JVTpMev https://imgur.com/oImbpKi https://imgur.com/4U9kxZx https://imgur.com/RVrruzG https://imgur.com/PrOLQWa https://imgur.com/PaPUgH4 https://imgur.com/p0JiMxu https://imgur.com/gVuJ5CJ https://imgur.com/zu7cQAS https://imgur.com/IwlolMl https://imgur.com/07ApFgp https://imgur.com/B70rDXM Stalker quest. soonTM
  3. I have red energy color on my dendra armor and white + red parts on the part of dendra armor, I also use Umbra, however when I go operator form in a mission my umbra will have the default colors of dendra armor... and same happens to the warframes articulas... is there a fix?
  4. Hey just a recommendation... could you make Smoking body ephemera when painted black or dark colours be more visible? Also There is a glitch on Tatsu when performing ground finishers it always never hits the target, because it stabs the side of the enemy instead of stabbing the enemy resulting on just an animation but no kill. and last but not least... any advance on Stalker mode? or railjack? Love you DE team. -Strife
  5. Keeping Umbra's relevance having the ability to equip him as a companion and walk in our ship... please He is not just a warframe he is part of our crew too.
  6. I made this idea to save many mods like life strike, that required the channeling. with something called the "rage mode":
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