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  1. Please, don't forget... -Shedu jamming bug not being able to shoot anymore... -The infinite void loading tunnel in railjack, is still present. Maybe has something to do with the connections between hosts/clients. -Navigation in railjack mission not working sometimes, bugging itself not giving you the ability to return to drydock or refresh the node until mission is completed. - Railjack names appearing and dissappearing when using skins. - If mission ends in railjack and a squadmate is still in a crewship, the crewship dispawns causing the player to have black screen until they return to dry dock. - Some nodes in railjack with side missions, captain's asteroid is invisible. Not sure if it is supposed to be that way, but once you kill the captain and exit the asteroid is impossible to re enter, meaning if you got a good drop only you will get it since your squadmate wont be able to enter the asteroid. Surely there is more... But those are one I've experienced... To improve: This in a future scale, not expecting it asap. But would improve railjack gameplay. -When mission ends, and players are left in the calm part of the mission where they explore and pillage having a group of 3 enemy fighters to appear randomly in X time. could help keep things interesting, so you don't feel bored when done. -adding to the one above, maybe a tactical avionic that allows you to use some kind of drill with a scanner to mine and identify special asteroids for resources. Such as pustrels, titanium, etc... And railjack ores. (Giving a fair amount of resources maybe a rng of 600-1000 per asteroid) - Adding more derelicts and places to explore when mission is complete, this ones are key to keeping railjack more unique and away from feeling grindy boring. Could think of more... But those are some that could improve the gameplay way more. Thank you for the hotfix.
  2. The reason why I thought of it possibly being morse code was because of that actually, I remembered how rell communicated with Man in the wall by "taps and raps" thus why he says " Rap. Tap. Tap. The man in the wall" If rell could communicate with him it must be some source of code... I added too much thinking into it and well I found what I posted above.
  3. That one doesn't seem to have a meaning... been trying possible ways still I got this: "brutfumi5mludimwridutwudlt" only thing I could take from it is the "brutfumi5" which is "5 4 4 2 5 4 4 2 5" that could maybe translate to "Brute fumify" fumify: having to do with smoke. but I can't confirm this is legit, as there could be mistakes.
  4. Odd... That one looks more like a binary code, I'll take a closer look to this one.
  5. what can I say... I got bored lol, but this is a interesting finding isn't it?
  6. Greetings everyone... I've been curious about that reliquary drive inside the railjack. We can hear constant knocking and the man in the wall speaks, his words sounding more humane... it happens to me that this knocking can't be just coincidence... I had an idea to try and count some knockings to figure out if it could be a type of morse code maybe. this pod: https://imgur.com/a/u3NBExp I counted 2, 4, 2, 4, 4, 5, 3, 2, 4, 2, 4, 4, 3, 2, 4 each number being the number of knocks each time it sounded. after placing on a translator I got this: imthmwaihimustd seems like nonsense right? let me try to break it down more... ImThmwaIhiMustD it seems to start to take shape... I'm The Man wall him must Die im= I'm th= The m= Man wai = waII (i used in upper case looks like an L) him= Him must = must (using Him's M) d= Die Not sure if this is correct but if it is... it should translate to "I'm the man in the wall he must die". https://imgur.com/a/grF4ulU I want to invite the warframe's lore community to investigate this knocks as well and try to find if it is some kind of code. bring me your ideas, and thoughts.
  7. indeed I believe that must be the key to a duviri paradox... especially if you look closely on the lower part jut in front of the capsule there is a like a void key shaped figure, probably we'll have to use one void key on it.
  8. Not too long I was casually passing by and I heard "hey kiddo" then the rest almost felt likea fluent conversation.
  9. That capsule just spoke to me... and it said "Hey Kiddo". Is the man in the wall who must be on the other side. edit: As I stayed near it for more time it said... "you mad at me kiddo? did you forget? you owe me." this is freaky... proof: https://imgur.com/a/TuuHXRm it keeps talking to me. https://imgur.com/a/u3NBExp edit: it continues talking... he now asked "what took you so long?" he is alive... I wont post more pictures... this is enough proof.
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