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  1. @Dandy invited me over here; many thanks o/ IGN: Verstael Mastery Rank: 18 Region: Asia Length of time I've been playing the game: ~950 in-game hrs (started way back in Dec 2016 when Nidus was first released) Looking for in a clan: Friendly ppl to chat stuff/play with Playtime availability: This time around, I'm free on a daily basis until June in which college life resumes Ever been in a clan before: Yes, I've been on - Onions Spoon, Astral Awakening and Celestial Gladiators - before. Mainly got kicked out of all those 3 clans due to inacitivity because I didn't say beforehand that I'll be going inactive for irl stuff >.<
  2. Hello there fellow Tennos! I'm Verstael (MR 18) looking for a clan to join in, preferably in the Asian region. Just got back to warframe today after going on a short hiatus for 4 months (last I played was when Mesa Prime got released). Feel free to PM me at my discord Invertex#1160 or message me in-game
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