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  1. It's for duviri not plains of eidolon Because the opperator can't sustain a void beam the sword is a neat replacement
  2. well the mod polarities are based off the focus schools so by that point just make an umbral focus school
  3. The idea is to use them against normal sentients not so much eidolons
  4. As stated, I was thinking that in the duviri paradox because the tenno cant shoot void beams they would devise a melee alternative called Vegas Amps that would be built similarly to zaws, consisting of a grip guard and projector The grips would determine the speed of the weapon. I thought that there would be 2 types one for two handed weapons such as the 2 handed nikana and heavy blade one for daggers swords (and dual variants for them) Etc. The guards would determine the critical chance and status chance of the blade simple enough The projector would project a lightsaber like beam of void energy this determines the blade type (refer 1 for the mentioned blade types) new stances might have to be made but that is just a speculation on my part not really necessary Feel free to comment on what you think should change, stay or add on what your thoughts I just thought it would be a cool idea Ps my name is pronounced Theo Nam
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