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    Update 14.1.0: Quanta & Dendra

    The Return of Eris!!
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    Hotfix 13.8.1

    Grineeer posting a hotfix? what is this.
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    Hotfix 8.3.3

    Dont equip shade then >.>
  4. Same here, this made me laugh so hard.
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    Livestream #5: May 8 @ 2 Pm Edt

    Not sure if this question has been asked.(only looked until page 7 then saw there were 35 pages and decided to skip to the end) Question: When someone adds a mod to their weapon will we be able to see the stat change in the stat bar under the weapon? Ex: Boltor-Level 30...DMG18.0 RATE8.8 ACC25.0 CLIP60.0/Equipped mods.....10%FireRate, 90%Damage, 100%CritChance, 15%ElectricDamage, 45%FireDamage, 60%ArmorPiercing, 60%CritDamage, and 7.5%Stun. I would greatly appreciate if you guys would be able to implement this. So for the DMG stat how does the 90% mod damage increase that number? Aswell for the RATE stat how does my 10% mod increase that? And as the Weapon levels up shouldn't it gain passive DMG/RATE/ACC inscrease such as the warframes do with their Power, Shield, and Health amount? Just a thought, hope it gets implemented :D Edit: Also unrelated to guns, NYX's 4# skill I think needs to be reworked to this-Slightly increased range so you don't have to run straight into the middle of all the enemies for it to be effective-As probably most people have said add an Aggro mechanic to the enemies so they shoot more at you then teammates-And finally I've noticed that the damage output Isn't pushed throught enemies....Ex: When surrounded by chargers if 2 of them, 1 of them being right behind the other one, the one in the back won't take any damage for the Damage doesn't carry on out completly. It is fully absorbed by the enemy in front. Thank You :)