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  1. I'm pleasantly surprised, a well thought out thread with supporting arguments. A proverbial needle in the haystack indeed. I haven't had a chance to test Gauss since his latest changes, but from what I've seen I might enjoy using him a great deal more.
  2. Default controls for the most part with some hot keys for the gear wheel. 6: Archwing Launcher 7: Tranq Rifle (Itzal means you can can hunt animals in archwing mode) 8: Arch Gun Launcher 9: Melee Channel J: Scanner K: Echo Lure L: Fishing Spear B: K-Drive Mouse wheel down: next power Mouse wheel up: use selected power
  3. I like the overall direction of the proposed changes, as it stands Khora can do everything Atlas can, except she does it better. For his passive I think either decreasing the rate at which his rubble decays or increasing the about of rubble he gets from petrified enemies would be enough to make the passive more worthwhile. The aoe on landslide should increased in the slightest. A better aoe would increase its effectiveness and decrease finger fatigue caused by spamming in extended missions. His bulwark is very situational as it is, I think a good change would be holding the button now creates the boulder x meters ahead of Atlas that rolls toward him pulling and dragging any petrified enemies along its path priming them for a good punch. I also think the biggest issue with petrify is the energy cost. It would also be nice if the augment affected all enemies regardless of how they were petrified. As far as the rumblers are concerned their damage is lacking, if the used landslide in unison with Atlas and dropped more rubble upon death they would be more worthwhile.
  4. I'll do you one better. Dragon keys could offer rewards outside of vaults. For each dragon key you equip there is a 2.5% chance for a loot monster to spawn after you complete the mission objective. The reason it is after is because jumping into a mission waiting a sec to see if it spawned then aborting seems..... wrong. In solo the max chance of spawning the monster with all four keys would be 10%, in a full squad the chance is up to 40%. To get even higher chances more debilitating keys could be added, like super dragon keys that cut stats by -90% or even uber dragon keys that reduce stats by a whopping -99% for the truly hardcore. The rewards should be based on the rotation or rewards in that mission type. For instance in endless missions after completing rotation A the wave would end after the monster spawns and is killed (or despawns?). If it doesn't then the you can extract or go to the next wave.
  5. Would it be possible to command AIs (Duality, Umbra, WuClone, etc) to attack a specific body parts? We've been able to waypoint individual limbs of the Eidolon for quite some time now, but i've noticed that the AIs are pretty bad at hitting them.
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