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  1. Ok, ok!! Extra bright glow; optional!? XD At least very luminating!!! (not just luminesent) :D
  2. Because I make nothing but good comments, the dislike button is perminately disabled!! Are you one of the ppl that paid $30 worth of plat to get the WAR or just lucky enough not to end up with 23 Dread, 14 Dispair and no WAR?
  3. Could you please tell Baro that the item that I would want the most is a WAR PRIME sword with EXTRA BRIGHT GLOW!!!! I mean blindingly bright!! If he can't dig one up, how about seperating the WAR sword from all that other junk in the "Hunhow's gifts" bundle and sell it for 50 to 100 plat!!!??? That would be AWESOME!!! :D
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