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  1. I keep longing for the days when I had fun. It's gotten to a point where it's probably best described as nostalgia. What I may have been in love with isn't Warframe, but my memories of Warframe.
  2. If you're able to get back after a break then that's not a permanent burnout. I've taken so many breaks and every single one of them for a reasonable amount of time. Every time I come back I have zero incentive to do anything
  3. Where the hell did you get "created a challenge for yourself" from? 'IMO' you've been reading too many of those 'Warframe isn't hard I want a challenge - then go make your own challenge' posts and didn't bother actually reading my post. Me passively farming with Permastealth Ivara was supposed to be a chill experience like I used to on the plains. Me using the K Drive to get from place to place was simply a form of transportation. Me randomly dying out of nowhere with no warning and no consistency? Yes, I believe I can blame the game for that. I didn't do anything to put myself in that experience.
  4. Spend around 5 hours (like, 5 hours in real time) just going around exploring and passively farming for miscellaneous resources around Orb Val (permastealth Ivara just going around caves and buildings etc) and knowing that K Drive gets you from point A to B far quicker than running, I decided to K Drive from places to places. Here's what tilts me enough to push me over the edge to just give up on Warframe. Note that I really don't have much to play for anymore since I'm suffering permanent burnout as well as being a 'victim' to the 'why use this when you can use that'. Time to time on my K Drive I literally instadie to 'something'. I don't know what's killing me, but 'something' just literally instakills me with no warning outta nowhere. On my last revive I was heading back as fast as I can to Fortuna to 'save' my resources that I gathered over the course of 5 hours and just as I get near Fortuna another random instakill thing just instagibs me. No warning, no nothing. I just die out of nowhere. What the hell is this? I already have nothing else to play for but this definitely is sending me over the edge.
  5. Why should we bother grinding for something that'll be forever outclassed? I didn't need to level something like the Furax, why would I bother going back to level it now? Yes it's new but it's worthless, you don't gain anything from it. You only lose time and resources, unless you're okay with playing the same level again and again for hours doing the exact same thing.
  6. I made the mistake of starting this game by doing all the research I could on "what are the best weapons during x stage of the game". Now I'm like MR16 or 17 and I have absolutely zero incentive to level up some S#&$ty Vipers, Ankyroses or Karaks, like I already have weapons that are leagues better than them, why should I bother? I still have like 9 to 10 MR to go to full but why should I sit through painstaking hours of doing the exact same thing to level something that'll be forever outclassed by what I had since the first half a year of playing?
  7. mosaickle

    Nezha worth investment?

    I will say, personally Nezha would be the perfect frame if it wasn't for his passive. A lot of people like to slide around and even mod for more sliding but the delayed friction and slipperiness feels like input lag. Once you start running and sliding you can't really stop or react quickly like other frames. Perhaps that's just my preference since I like to move around a lot and sliding everywhere is like trying to walk on ice. In other words, you may have movement/mobility issues like Limbo having his dash as a mechanic or Ivara's roll during stealth.
  8. mosaickle

    How lv up weapons fast?

    Depends on what kind of gear you have. The only 'universal' way to level up faster would be an Affinity Booster, doesn't matter whether you're using the best strategy or the worst strategy to level up weapons, the Affinity Booster will always give you far more than without. The only "other" 'universal' way to level up faster would to unequip everything (and I mean everything) except for that one weapon you want to level up. Careful if whatever you're trying to level up has bad ammunition economy though; melee weapons or 'rechargeable' weapons won't have this issue as you can never 'run out of damage'. Otherwise, if you're fairly new, I'd suggest sticking to public defenses. Not only will most if not all of you be 'huddled together' for the affinity share, but you won't be the primary target the enemies will be going for. If you do this solo, you'll have less enemies and less enemies to kill means less affinity. If you're able to, get someone with access to Akkad to taxi you there, Akkad is probably the 'standard' defense node for this kind of leveling up. Most people either go there or Hydron but it's up to you. I prefer Akkad since you'll be fighting infestation rather than Grineer. Again, totally up to your preference. Only real 'exceptional' situation to all this would be if you have a permastealth Ivara build with an Affinity Booster and you specifically want to level up a melee weapon. In that case, head to Adaro on Sedna, the Extermination mission and you'd be able to level it up to 30 in one run and you definitely don't need to stealth kill all the time. I've goofed up plenty of 500% stealth bonuses and still was able to level it to 30 by the end of the mission if not above 28. Tip for others, if you wanna keep forma'ing a melee, do this. You can level it to 30 within half an hour.
  9. mosaickle

    Spy Missions Frustrating and far to convoluted

    I can't remember the last time I ran public spy missions yeah, also I just so happen to like Itzal for stealth and got it before I actually came to Uranus entirely so I guess I still had an upper hand in learning
  10. mosaickle

    Spy Missions Frustrating and far to convoluted

    The Sealab one is truly aids. I decided to learn them the hard way and honestly my god are they aids. However it's not so much about them being a new tileset or them being a spy mission, but the fact that it requires sharkwing. Sharkwing and Spy Missions do not and should not go together. Besides, Uranus tilesets are like bugged 80% of the time lmao
  11. mosaickle

    Spy Missions Frustrating and far to convoluted

    A tiltpost is a post someone makes when tilted by something, whether that be toxicity or game balance or whatnot. If you think I'm just "trolling" then you don't know what trolling is. Trolling would be intentionally making someone elses' mood lower relative to theirs so the troll can feel satisfaction knowing their 'mood is relatively higher than the person getting trolled'. If I were to troll you I'd simply say something classic like 'git gud' or something like that. You're speaking like you're a new player and thus the only spy missions you'd be playing would allow the mission to be completed even with just one retrieved data. Besides, the most obvious 'learning method' would be to study the actual spy tileset you just failed. Your post made it seem like once you fail a spy mission there's absolutely no other way to progress other than to alt-tab the game and go on YouTube/other general third party sources. That's how I learnt spy missions, I fail them, take a look around at what I triggered or who I aggro'd or whatnot. I'm flattered by your passive aggressive remark on my (non-existent) ability to walk through everything with my eyes shut. However much I'd love to have that ability, that's really not how I progressed through spy missions (or any other game). I don't 'lack empathy for newbies', I just lack empathy at people who blame the game design despite knowing that there are other ways around it. Although there's some aspects of Warframe that are quite newbie-unfriendly (modding for instance), there's still a large part of Warframe where the potential for fun/enjoyment is from discovering things yourself. I remember there was this one Warframe review that covered this, where you are taught to run and soon sprint, jump and crouch, and eventually you're going to accidentally press jump while sliding and find out that it's a feature, sooner or later you're jumping in the air and want to aim down your sight or block and discover that you glide through the air for more distance. Of course fun is subjective, but honestly I can't stop doing spy missions because they require more than just being 'god mode' all the time (e.g. exterminates, survivals, endless missions etc). Either way, in probably under a month you'll forget about your frustration you had from learning spy missions. They're very much a one time learning mechanic. Once you learn it whether from trial and error or searching up external sources, you won't need to learn them ever again. That's why I made that reply, because this frustration as a newbie with spy missions is not only very relatable, but also so minor when you sink another month or two into Warframe in general. In half a year or so you'd forgotten you made this post entirely. So honestly, just keep playing. I doubt spy missions will cause you to quit Warframe; if you keep playing this problem will naturally disappear. Besides, this post ain't gonna cause DE to change the way spy missions work anyway.
  12. mosaickle

    Frame that compliments Octavia?

    Honestly, Octavia played well is so broken that any frame compliments Octavia.
  13. mosaickle

    Spy Missions Frustrating and far to convoluted

    This reminds me of myself when I was just starting WF. Guys don't worry about this guy, he's just tilted like I was when I failed my first spy mission. To OP, honestly you know for a fact this post was a tiltpost you needed to make to reassure yourself that your first few failures at spy missions weren't on you, but on the game. You're not worried about the game, you're worried about your confidence in game. All the other gamemodes you've played through were hard to fail and suddenly hitting this one tainted your player confidence. Just know that spy missions, aside from getting from point A to B to C, is probably the least 'normal WF' gameplay since you can't "hack and slash" your way through spy missions. They need patience, a certain amount of patience to learn and execute, a certain amount of patience you'll feel unwilling to display for the first few spy missions. So to OP, honestly just keep playing, we know this ain't actually enough to make you quit. And to the rest of the people, don't worry about him, he'll be fine.
  14. mosaickle

    Paracesis vs Gram Prime

    Honestly for like 85% of the game's content or 85% of all the average player would play, the difference between the two would be hardly noticeable. Thus for me, if I could choose between the two, I'd absolutely go for Paracesis purely because it looks better to me.
  15. mosaickle

    Saryn Prime worth it?

    Absolutely worth it, her stats aren't the only things that have been increased... :^)