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  1. mosaickle

    how to git gud at corpus hacking

    1 - Line up the outer ring segments which have 3 points, these will be your base segments to base everything else on 2 - Line up the outer ring segments which have 2 points, these would line up easily with the 3 pointed segments 3 - Line up the outer ring segments which have 1 point, the previous two will give way easily to this 4 - Spam click the centre using which ever mouse finger's your fastest, the maximum you'll ever need to do is 5 turns anyway
  2. mosaickle

    Tonfa talk: Whats best?

    If you're going for status I'd say go with Ohma since it has 30% status chance and you can easily get Corrosive without needing additional Electricity mods (cuz Ohma deals Electricity)
  3. mosaickle

    Kill 5 Dargyn pilots before they hit the ground

    Pretty sure this is also doable with Equinox though there's probably more accessible methods since Equinox isn't too easy to farm for
  4. Despite having both for a while something just bugs me about how sometimes it's easier and faster to "farm" certain frames by farming prime parts, trading them for plat and then using the plat to buy the frame from market? Maybe it's just me, I really don't know why it's bugging me as much as it is. I'm not asking to make frames like Ivara, Nidus and Harrow easier to farm or to raise their market prices, I just really don't know. 😕 Edit: ok why did this pop up on players helping players I posted this in General Discussion.....wethefek...
  5. mosaickle

    Exalted weapon stances

    sick necro dude
  6. mosaickle

    Chains of Harrow Is Beyond $&*&*#(%&ed

    someone insert that nekros gif
  7. mosaickle

    What's the worst Sortie type

    Any mission that's not an Exterminate, Spy, Mobile Defense or Assassination. Everything else is just insanely boring to me
  8. I want to forget about Warframe so I can feel the wonder and amazement when I re-discover it again.
  9. My first account that I gave up on was Excal and I didn't get too far, but my first frame on my current would be Mag. First Prime would be Trinity, and although I no longer enjoy her playstyle anymore I still love her to bits
  10. mosaickle

    Peculiar mods...

    The entire point of Peculiar mods is to be useless and even detrimental by taking up mod capacity. It's meant to be a gag mod.
  11. mosaickle

    Peculiar mods...

    You clearly missed the point of Peculiar mods...
  12. mosaickle

    when will we see crossplay?

    Honestly dude before you post anything do some research first...
  13. mosaickle

    Dual-Wield 2.0

    I want to be able to equip either Dual AkGrakatas or have Dual Galatine Primes Otherwise no Dual-Wield rework will satisfy me.
  14. mosaickle

    Faction Racism

    Are there any 'slang' words that factions chuck around as racism? Something like Grineer calling Corpus "bucketheads" or something
  15. mosaickle

    Delete Submersible

    I feel like I should be concerned that your approach to a problem is to remove it rather than help fix it...