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  1. Definitely Equinox. 25% because she's the frame you're looking for and 75% because you don't want to farm her, trust me.
  2. Have it vertical-based unlike 99.99% of existing horizontal-based environments and it'd be perfect, a true 'sky open world' experience
  3. I've been on permanent WF burnout and came back for Fortuna. I've been around the place for a few hours and it already feels old. From randomly generated maps to a massive open world map was revolutionary. From a massive open world map to a more massive open world map was an upgrade on numbers. I can't find anything about Fortuna interesting, nothing feels different now. Fortuna feels like a reskinned PoE.
  4. It's not that the Hek is better than the Sobek, it's just that Hek is puncture based and Sobek is impact based and puncture tends to be better than impact at the moment
  5. I always play on whatever FOV settings makes your frame 'furtherest' from the camera but I'm pretty sure zooming is the same (otherwise if FOV affected zooming there wouldn't be mods for it)
  6. ...you zoom in on any gun his body takes up like 40% to 50% of the screen? It's actually one of the main reasons why I like to play more 'slender' frames like Nezha, Mirage, Nyx etc
  7. Is it just me or have there been little to no alerts for blue tates? I have an amazing Riven for my Ferrox and I really wanna beef it up further by blue-tating it. On that note, where can I see the devstream schedule? I know blue and gold tate alerts appear right after them
  8. I'm letting him know how the basics work, later today I'm supposed to give him links for him to do his own research. Besides we only have like 2 to 3 days a week to play together, and only a few hours within those days anyway since we're in different countries. And he's really impatient so he's finding spy missions 'hard' xD
  9. ...we're up to Venus together now and I just realized how amazing Ivara is for playing along with newbies. You can stealth him to take aggro off him You can stealth to make him take aggro You can stealth both of you to take him through spy missions You arguably have the safest revive if he goes to bleedout (Limbo's still got the best revive but meh) You can make targets to go sleep in sticky situations Your passive can easily help them locate enemies Especially teaching spy/rescue missions. Having the Infiltrator mod makes teaching spy missions such a br
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