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  1. mosaickle

    What about a Zanuka companion?

    Secret plot twist of the next Sacrifice mission: sacrifice a frame to Salad V to get converted into a miserable Zanuka
  2. mosaickle

    Pistol bug = amazing melee pose

    Bit of a misleading title, stances would often be referred to mods offering specific combos on melee weapons rather than poses But honestly we straight up need more melee poses for fashion framing, like way more
  3. mosaickle

    Chains of Harrow Is Beyond $&*&*#(%&ed

    Well yeah the vast majority of your thread was just straight up cursing and complaining. No one actually quits Warframe due to a single questline and people who say stuff like that only wants attention/comfort/validation/sympathy. It's literally the same thing as people threatening any game developer to quit if they don't like one small thing thinking their 'quitting' would make a difference. Besides, this thread was obviously made more of a tiltpost rant/vent than an actual thread for help. If you only had the very last sentence (and probably changed the title) you would've been all goods
  4. mosaickle

    Does skills add up?

    95% of skills "add up"
  5. mosaickle

    Dumb/Funny things you did or moments you had in Warframe

    Dumbest thing I did in Warframe was paying to win faster. I killed at least half a year of playtime out of sheer impatience. 😞
  6. mosaickle

    Chains of Harrow Is Beyond $&*&*#(%&ed

    Guys just saying don't bother helping this guy, he's not looking for help he's looking for people to side with his complaints for comfort/validation from others for his own failures.
  7. mosaickle

    [MOD] Rifle Aptitude feels extremely weak

    Isn't this common knowledge? There's a +15% -9 mod capacity mod for secondaries and melees that literally no one uses.
  8. mosaickle

    So what's warframe end game ?

  9. mosaickle

    Exalted weapon stances

    If you're asking for something free (e.g. 10 more mod capacity with zero trade-off) then the lack of a trade off would be why.
  10. mosaickle

    Most Loved / Most Avoided Warframes you have

    My most used would absolutely be Ivara due to the sheer usefulness and versatility of the amount of utility she can bring to basically every mission type. There are many places she excels at and only a small handful of places she’s still at least “just okay” at. Other than Ivara I’d probably say Saryn, specifically Saryn Prime. With a fairly balanced build there’s just so much she can do that guns and melee weapons both complement and don’t render redundant. On top of all of this, she has quite some comfortable survivability especially with the Regen Molt augment. Great damage, great survivability, great synergy with nearly every weapon in the game. On top of all this she is in my opinion by far the best looking ‘female’ frame. I can’t really say a least liked because I find a ton of frames boring and I can easily list out why I don’t like them but it’s not like I downright hate playing any specific frame. Here’s a few popular frames and why I personally don’t like them: Mesa - I tend to lean towards melee combat Excal - His only decently interesting ability is his ultimate, which is too slow for my liking Loki - He’d be my third choice, the only real thing he brings that’s better than Ivara is the fact that he can sprint during stealth, which isn’t something I require since 95% of my gameplay is solo Rhino - Super boring to play, he’s just a blunt tank and that’s about it
  11. mosaickle

    Is Nidus just no good?

    There's no real reason to play Nidus for any mission that's under 10 minutes.
  12. mosaickle

    Day 1000 of the login is creeping up soon. Predictions?

    Primed Damage Ammo Drum pls
  13. mosaickle

    Which warframe is suitable for my needs?

    1 - If you insist on specific Warframe abilities that'd probably be Saryn. Otherwise, I used Trinity Prime for 90% of the star chart (first Prime ever, can't remember how I got her so early) and I solved this issue by just using melees with long reach, specifically the Orthos Prime. So honestly this really doesn't need to be solved by a frame's abilities. Though I guess I also got lucky considering how early I got Primed Reach. 2 - Ash would be your go to in this regard since his energy cost does scale on enemies marked (and from what I remember you get it refunded if they die to "other reasons". 3 - Yeah this is an issue. The point of mods is to help make your frame stronger. A frame with no specific mods that'll be able to be both energy efficient and able to clear rooms would be either meta, nerfed soon or now, or just too braindead and thus against DE's philosophy. Many frames were reworked away from "press 4 to win" because of this. You can absolutely progress up to I'd say even Lv. 30 with just health, shield, energy and energy efficiency mods which I'd say are the 4 core but anything above that and you'll need to farm for 'specific' mods like synergy mods, dual stat mods or even syndicate augment mods. There's no way around this because the very essence of asking for this goes against the concept of 'progression' 4 - This is far too wide, because by the sound of it you're still progressing through the star chart. There will be frames that will be unsuitable for specific game modes, no matter how godly they can be at surviving solo. If you want solo survival, go Rhino, Wukong, Nidus, Ash or Loki, but something like solo defense would be Frost, Gara or Vauban. Vauban is also god-like in solo excavations and most prominently, solo interception. If you're done with the star chart, play whoever you like in whichever mission type you like, but if you're still progressing the star chart, you're not gonna be able to 'main' any frame. Any frame by theory can do any mission solo, but to make your life easier you'd want frames with specific builds to specialize. As such, I was fine with my EV Trin for 90% of the star chart because I had my Orthos Prime and Primed Reach to compensate for my more 'defensive' abilities.
  14. mosaickle

    Sacrifice mission and the little kid...

    I tried properly dueling him but when I realized that he was immune to everything I throw at him perhaps due to lack of consistency or 'day 1 bugs' I was like eh, if the game doesn't offer a fair fight I'll just do whatever's left that requires least effort. I hope at this stage they patched him to be less broken.
  15. mosaickle

    Ivara farming any quick ways

    How to farm Ivara fast: 1 - Play Void Fissure missions 2 - Trade for platinum 3 - Buy her from market I'm not even kidding this is probably much faster than farming directly for Ivara, same goes for Nidus