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  1. mosaickle

    How is Garuda

    wut 2 of her 4 abilities are fast long ranged dashes
  2. mosaickle

    How is Garuda

    Perhaps like, relative to people's expectations I guess. But at lower levels it's still really nice as a room clearer that's for sure, I mean that's what I do lol. Especially since it's DoT. I don't mind seeing large numbers then my Affinity number, but man, seeing tons and tons of flashing small numbers first, boy that's definitely one kind of quantity above quality I like baby
  3. mosaickle

    How is Garuda

    How is her 4 useless against lower level enemies? It just kills them straight up anyway. I do that to room clear and it works for anything around Lv. 30 and below and my build is excruciatingly average.
  4. mosaickle

    How is Garuda

    She's "good" right now, even with the bugs and slightly eh numbers. Once the bugs get fixed and numbers get tuned to the right places she's undoubtedly an A+ tier frame. I've been having a ton of fun with her ever since I bought her (ye couldn't wait) and honestly I seriously can't find another frame I'd rather play. Perhaps it's entirely subjective but she has everything I could ask for in a frame. She has great mobility, she's self sufficient, she scales relatively well and she looks great. That being said though, I only really play solo Exterminates and Survivals which I'm having a blast as her. No other frame I'd pick at least if you have the same or similar playstyle as me.
  5. mosaickle

    Can we talk about the chair?

    There is a morbidly obese mortus lungfish swimming around under you, that I know for sure
  6. mosaickle

    Do you want more of the open-world module?

    Have it vertical-based unlike 99.99% of existing horizontal-based environments and it'd be perfect, a true 'sky open world' experience
  7. mosaickle

    Do you want more of the open-world module?

    I've been on permanent WF burnout and came back for Fortuna. I've been around the place for a few hours and it already feels old. From randomly generated maps to a massive open world map was revolutionary. From a massive open world map to a more massive open world map was an upgrade on numbers. I can't find anything about Fortuna interesting, nothing feels different now. Fortuna feels like a reskinned PoE.
  8. Recently moved out, now my WiFi data's limited so I wanna conserve that. Can anyone estimate how large the Fortuna update is?
  9. mosaickle

    Warlord founder

    It's you who doesn't get it dude. Besides, how can you prove it? DE's not gonna make an exception for you and this buddy of yours just because you claimed to have 'established a company with a partner with 50% each" in mind. Before you make a request like this think about how it can be abused or verified first.
  10. mosaickle

    Kill 5 Dargyn pilots before they hit the ground

    Pretty sure this is also doable with Equinox though there's probably more accessible methods since Equinox isn't too easy to farm for
  11. mosaickle

    What Led To The Username You Have Now?

    I'm a massive dubstep/brostep/riddim fan. NSDBL = Never Say Die: Black Label
  12. mosaickle

    Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

    I think OP just recently died to something that tilted him. If he really likes Volt he'll go back to playing him like, in a few hours probably
  13. mosaickle

    Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.2

    In that case at least they should fix the blurriness, personally I can live with a larger size but the blurriness shouldn't be part of it. But in that case too, it should be adjustable, if they want to make it 'different' it should be to preference, something like a slider option Either way I'm sure they'll change it back due to the 'overwhelming' feedback
  14. mosaickle

    Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.2

    huh So it's not a bug? The larger HUD was intended by DE? Then DE should've made it an option rather than automatic/static