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  1. Hello DE. Are Arbitrations going to be added to the Worldstate Index anytime soon? Let me preface this by saying that the WorldState index is incredibly useful. I use it all the times to see if missions that I want to do are up right now. I also love doing Arbitrations, but I only find Survival fun to do, and I love taking my frames into 1-2 hour Arbitration survivals to see how long they can last. Unfortunately I am not always by my computer and do not have the luxury to come to my computer and log into warframe every time I want to check if there is a Survival/Excavation up, and what faction is in that mission. I am sure that there are thousands of players who feel the same way, and I think that adding Arbitrations to the WorldState index would be so helpful to every single person who plays this game! Thank you for reading this post! Have a good time Devs!
  2. Was it intended for the newly unvaulted relics to not be in the Cetus/Fortuna bounty drop tables? It's alot more grindy to get relics when they have a 14% drop rate(at the highest) . The Axi for example has a 6% drop chance on one and 14% on the other, but because both it's drops are on Rotation C, you need to wait 20 minutes every time. This means, even when you're running the 14% chance one, you need about 31 runs to "guarantee"(99%) getting even one. 31 runs at 20 minutes a run gives 10.4 Hours. For a single drop of the Axi relic. This just feels unfairly grindy. I've never scoffed at the grind in Warframe. I've always loved Arbitrations and running long runs in ESO, but this seems a bit over the top.
  3. This is not a bug but it is quite annoying for thrown weapons and gunblades such as Falcor and Redeemer. When you try to hold E to throw or shoot, and you're being fired at, the blocking takes priority over the charge attack, resulting in a cancelled charge. It's quite annoying and I would like to know if it will be changed or not.
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