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  1. I have now spent considerable amounts of time trying to make regular guns work in Steel Path. I have all the Galvanized mods maxed out and most of the arcanes. But it's just barely any difference. Don't get me wrong, the new mods and arcanes do work but even say my rifles that I have decent or very good rivens for still take anything from half a magazine to a full one to down a single enemy (barring punch through and enemies lining up in a pretty line). It's not worth the effort when I can bring any of the other already good options for Steel Path and plow through enemies but most of all it's really not an enjoyable experience when every single random enemy is a total bulletsponge when using regular guns. I really want all classes of weapons to be viable in Steel Path without having to resort to specific frame combinations (and even then you're better of just bringing the good stuff anyway) but they are still not even close with these new mods and arcanes. And as a sidenote - I really dislike the On-Kill mechanic for triggering these buffs, there's a myriad of reasons why this is bad and most are already mentioned but I'll add my voice to the choir and note that forcing things that are really bad at killing stuff at high levels kill stuff before they become slightly better at it is just frustrating ramp up. It also adds a totally unnecessary stress factor in keeping the buffs up because it's so damn annoying to lose them mid mission. It makes playing with other people a race and it makes dying super punishing. I really hope you will rethink this.
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