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  1. Will you release the "Primary kitgun" in this year ? Any news for New Umbral mods ? its better to add"Grid" in dojo to help make an accurate middling decorations. When will you release the railijack ship Blueprint?
  2. Then it must be calculated with even small clans. small clan + small clan + big clan. Must not be Equal to Big clan + big Clan + small clan. in resources requirements to build a relay or similar. Thats my point 🙂
  3. Hello Everyone. I am glad I have theory would 1 of the greatest risk to commit this step. We know all the Warframes are classified into regular frame - Primed frame - and Umbral Frame ( Excalibur Umbra is only 1 at the moment ) We must understand those things :- The non-Primed its :- Warframe + Orokin Design ( not full orokin technology) or ( based on tenno style) The Primed is about :- Warframe + Orokin Technology The Umbral is about :- Primed + Infestation Culture. The Nidus Warframe is :- Unknown person (Volunteers or not) ... + infestation Culture. (We cultured the Infestation, conceiving of a hybrid. Transformed, but only just. The 'Helminth' was created, born to yield these new warriors, worthy of battle against you, the great and terrible Hunhow.") +( But only just. Their skin blossomed into sword-steel. Their organs, interlinked with untold resilience. Yet their minds were free of the Infested madness.) so indeed The infestation culture was a great weapon occurred in Old War. The Revenant Warframe :- Frame (or person) + Sentient Energy ( typed Eidolon Energy). both infestation Culture and Sentient Energy caused them to have previous step.... the Sacrifice. that we know. but what about the the two of them in primed frame? New Warframe = Primed + Infestation Clu.. + Sentient Energy Other Words Umbral Frame (Like Excalibur) + Sentient Energy (like Revenant). But..., Shadow stalker Guessed somehow is the one who sacrificed again with sentient energy. as he may counter Excalibur Umbra. but Excalibur Umbra may Equal with Shadow Stalker because .. Umbra has = infestation culture + primed with technology + Tenno transference. Shadow = Infestation Culture + Primed technology + Sentient Energy in 2nd dream tenno can counter sentients. but he was weak. in Jovian Concord, Ropalolyst Counters some Tenno power. ( and We suspect a more dangerous the ropalolyst). Imagine a frame like stalker + tenno transference? who would stop him?
  4. What about An Umbral Aura mod? Umbring (making Umbral) a regular mod? like enhancing the Umbral Aura if stacked greatly with stacking different player in squad unlike others. Regular aura mod i.e= corrosive projection A +30% B +30% C +30% D +30% totally = 120% BUT Umbral Corrosive i.e 40 per 1 70 per 2 100 per 3 150 per 4 that would be much great. And I hope You add a exilus Forma like Aura for Exilus mod slot, it helps us for modding the umbral aura forma + Sentient Damage resistance.
  5. Its been long time ago for seeing any benefits for being allied in an alliance. Untill now I have seen only 1 step created. ==> donation to an allied clan. Like a car without engine, food without a taste, a game without plan. At least if orbiter ship is connected to Empyrean (or railijack whatever), Alliance should be connected with Railijack somehow. like a bigger Universal Blueprint Built by an Alliance. what I have understood are According to my analysis:- 1-) after railijack the "plaines of Duviri" operator becomes adult, guess he will learn new abilities and restore his forgotten abilites. 2-) after that he/she prepare the new war? 3)- still no any allaince activity? The least thing done with allaince :- 1)- Events rewards calculated with alliance score, like the hostile operation, but that was calculated with dojo scores. I suggest a difficult event to obtain worthy rewards i.e Umbral Forma Anually! 2)- a Bigger dojo for alliance, like a relay or similar I suggest to be called "Terminal", of course would be contributed with so huge resources to be built, All Syndicates existed, Market and direct trading, universal. 3)- the most WOW would be a "Declaration of Solar System Ruling " between Sentients VS Different Alliances Vs Different Alliances. , would be so perfect if Grineer, Corpus and infestation would be joined aganist us and them (Sentients). of-course it will produce huge amount of Bugs and hotfixes.
  6. Q1/ Why there is no red electric, blue fire. green ice, and white toxin? for chroma element energy and chromatic blade for Excaliburs. Q2/ Cetus and Fortuna resources Must be able to be donated by using Treasury Machine. i am afraid if i build railijack so it requires it. so early we can Manage. Q3/ in Dojo, in Trasporter, we are tired of seeing the lists. please make pictures like "Selecting Arena in different fighting games in ps4 and Xbox" Q4/ at least if you can make a different update about Trading. at least make the selling item in a section and the item u want to purchase in different section so section of selling, and section of buying Q5/ You must add Simulacrum in dojo, everytime i go that yellow cephalon in different relay, our dojo must be the one have all services. Q6/ last thing, I want to change that Loki Effigy, you must add option of this. thanks to you Warframe
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