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  1. Just kidding but given the choice i would prob kill the lotus for evil points.
  2. Execution by reverse snu snu.
  3. Im sure it will be much sooner probably in a few months.
  4. Yup i'm aware, hope it makes it thru development.
  5. Cross platform with PC highly unlikely with the current console certification system. All consoles crossplay feels a bit more doable in the next few years?
  6. Remember time zones exist, DE uses Eastern Standard time(i think) so to them its the 13th still.
  7. True nothing would be lost unless they added something but thats just guessing in the dark. Guess we will find out in a few days or a few months. The cross progression they were hinting at was for login in to any platform and having access to a limited amount of white listed items / progress. Cross play would be quite the big task. When a release date is given for future/new events just let us know if they plan to do a sync and all will be fine.
  8. Maybe u can help me here. Where and how did i miss "something big"? My only reason for being here is to find out why DE needs to sync all platforms for this event. I don't mind if they release on other platforms.
  9. The POE remaster is most likely what created the issues. If PC and Xbox are holding back the event i wouldn't mind waiting a few days and let others enjoy it on the PS4 / Switch. Starting early on the cross progression system would be cool. A simple "hey we are testing a new system so events from now on need to be in sync" would have been enough to lower the comment count in this thread. This is most likely not the reason tho it has peaked my interest and cant wait to find out :P.
  10. At this point i dont even know what the meaning of his original comment is, thought it was sarcastic salt at fist but now im starting to think he only cares about PC. "I don't know why some many of the PC players here take console tenno for granted" Ive met a few fun individuals in the interwebs: they were heavy on console wars at some point the swapped to PC and forgot to grow up along the way, had ppl rip on them for not having a console and became an elitist, just like fire and many other things. Tho this is person to person and not just a PC thing. Extending the Xbox duration would be a nice compromise for not releasing on time. But still would like to know why they decided to sync events.
  11. So then we are adding PC(or xbox i cant tell at this point) to the list of platforms that u don't care about? Or just did not understand my reply (or your own comment) ?
  12. I think u missed the point of my reply to Kay1154. I'm on the same page as u and many others here wondering why all platforms now have to be in sync with each other .
  13. I guess the other 2 platforms don't exist to you then 👏
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