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  1. if warframe is uninstalled, isnt that good thing? that mean YOU'RE FREEDOM! FREEDOM TENNO! you dont have to worry about warframe ever again you dont have to look back just walk away tenno,never look back, and forget everything about warframe freed yourself from hell tenno, the devil want you back, Lucifer knows you're greedy and spend so much hours and know you want more stuff more, rngesus taking your soul slowly, free yourself tenno! let the light angel come and take you away from grinds lair, follow the light and justice will serve!
  2. are you batman? that skin looks like dark knight from movie, the helmet part. edit: im talking about https://imgur.com/a/6wdy93p <--- looks like batman or iron man.
  3. good question, i don't know anybody who brought it nor my clan has it, im also curious since i only seen new khora skins on steam but never show venari skins, i would buy if both has new skins instead of one, someone please confirm it if venari has new skins or not. edit: im not buying it if it has 1 skins basically im throwing money for nothing for 1 skins instead of 2 if venari still has defaults with new tennogen skins.
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