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  1. Serealtha-Sephirya

    Peace Made in Cataclysm (Valentine's Day)

    awww limbo x mesa soo cute
  2. Serealtha-Sephirya

    Look at Mesa Prime - fabulous Prime (in Devstream #120)

    i want mesa prime now! *mesa prime be my waifu my wifedo pls*
  3. Serealtha-Sephirya

    Look at Mesa Prime - fabulous Prime (in Devstream #120)

    the helmet looks exactly like tennogen mesa helmet which is what i wanted and rest of body texture look amazing, i think she's gonna be my 2nd main after zephyr prime were my 1st prime i burned about 2k+ plat to get prime in day 1 since i really wanted so bad, *time to spend another 3k plat i want mesa prime rn*
  4. Serealtha-Sephirya

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2 +

    Fixed the game crashing a few seconds post-launcher. ^ yes tytytytyty! after 10 tries it keep crashing i just wanna login >.< Thanks!
  5. Serealtha-Sephirya

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    i bet its gonna release next tuesday 100% no jinxing here.
  6. Serealtha-Sephirya

    Limbo Prime Coming June 19th!

    lovely design, good job DE but im not touching him, people still argue when you play him away from squad just imo
  7. Serealtha-Sephirya

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    you answered your question, what?
  8. Serealtha-Sephirya

    Where is Update 22.18.0?!

    *i was wrong it wasnt today update im sad and disappointed ./give TNT i just wanna blow my own house and my life, today is lie, good bye teshin i disappointed you father but lotus is liar! y u delayed* WEDNESDAY SUPPOSE TO BE UPDATE TODAY BUT NO! IT WAS LIE! I JINXED MYSELF! I LOVE YOU ALL BUT IM DISAPPOINTED I BLAME LOTUS FOR THIS! I BLAME CEPHALON SIMIARS LYING TO TENNO IT WAS TODAY I BLAME... *calm down* *no im mad i wanna release my rage* *sigh* TODAY IS LIE! >W< IM TRIGGERED *SLAM THE DOOR*
  9. Serealtha-Sephirya

    Beasts of the Sanctuary Update Coming This Week!

    *pray hope its on Wednesday or else Thursday or else Riot ( friday)*
  10. Serealtha-Sephirya

    Partner Glyphs - Wave 11.5

    you quoted wrong person, you quote to @Star_K1ller-TheGlyphKing about info, all i know so far few of new warframe partner only has PC code till console update comes, such as Lok_king_Macho his glyph is PC only and console has to wait till update.
  11. Serealtha-Sephirya

    Partner Glyphs - Wave 11.5

    maybe maybe
  12. Serealtha-Sephirya

    Partner Glyphs - Wave 11.5

    it has to be valid code to make it work which is lead to error, its already expired thats DE fault side, global glyph should be last forever but *shrug* for now you can't till DE fix it or you can try ask politely to warframe streamer for glyph if global glyph is no longer works ( worth a try unless streamer get triggered for whatsoever)
  13. Serealtha-Sephirya

    Partner Glyphs - Wave 11.5