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  1. my kavat were playing around with roller floofs, i think kitty found new toys not just roombas buddy :3
  2. offical ivara deluxe skin it looks more like gara than ivara, *nope im not gonna support that skin, i would support for ivara jade skin more than that gara ripoff *
  3. ivara jade skin could've been offical deluxe skin, the one from tennocon ivara deluxe skin can go hell with ember deluxe skin, so omegathicc ivara and doesnt even look like female frame its more like male frame.
  4. nope, she need to go, she need to get permanent banned, she need to die, i want my space daddy, teshin!!!
  5. because iron staff is made of iron of stick with 2 lightsaber top and bottom blade and its staff, what a creative name DE sorry but i cant even pronounce it right "ruyi jingu bang" sound like Ra~ ya~ jen~ "gay~" bang~ but same time i kind of like that name but i really doubt megan or reb can say it right how its written in chinese mythology imo.
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