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  1. i would rather go solo, he's jokes boss compare to triolodon boss, unless you dont have good weapon/frame to take him out.
  2. smokes probably my favorite eph since i can plays from mortal kombat smoke, smoke is character ( from Mortal kombat video game) fyi just incase if you't know him, he has smoke effect surround him.
  3. oof, remind me of me getting 1v1 shadow stalker and he dropped smokes eph on my 1st run and 3rd dropped smokes eph again i would just go with my own method dont look for thing and thing finds you, the more you runs by not looking for it, rng gets mad at you instead of "you still looking for shocks eph ha ha take this you skroom tenno" you just gotta make rng get more mad till rng gives up and drops shock, just dont looking for it.
  4. thats rng for you, but is it like 2% drop chance? but not too sure if it drops shocks eph, to me im not fans of icy eph nor shocks eph
  5. i got banned for saying g word ( i mean i dont see what wrong being "gay" but last for 48hrs to freedom) i got banned for 2nd time for "nezha is G" ( its happen in 2017, i already moving on in 2019) i got banned for "press F for respect" ( same as UwU but banned last for 6hrs) i got banned for 1 weeks for telling "no u" ( it wasnt meant as serious cause of mag/chroma/saryn/any frame for saying those frame are bad or etc thats just opinion) 2 days ago i got banned for 1 hrs telling other "go away trader" i mean those trades keep posting on region chat instead of trade chat, it keep reposting "WTS" stuff, noone want.
  6. why do you hate 150 times bullet jump? thats like saying "i dont wanna do 150 push up" 150 bullet jumps is easy task, if you hate bullet jump = you must be "thicc sugar daddy omega chubby tenno" with "350 pounds", just do 150 bullet jumps easy exercise, tenno gotta do some GYM exercise, cmon tenno, you got this.
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