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  1. really cool change, but animations can still seem a little weird then at times (like in this trinity footage, she clearly seemed to stand in the air), so if the animations could be changed to cover ground and air usage, then it would be perfect! other than that, great step in the right direction
  2. After having dealt with some of the assassins, I have to say the change was very bad for scaling. Syndicates, Stalker and the wolf and his minions have a much too high health and armor stat, to the point where they are literal meatshields. The problem is that they often show up while leveling up, that's why in a group of 4 players, no matter the mastery rank, you often have no chance to deal damage and killing them takes much too long (recently squad of 4 on hydron was invaded by the wolf, it took literally 10 minutes to kill him, while his minions where invincible and clobbered the objective)
  3. there is so much screenshake when I use simple melee attacks, not even channeling or anything and I have the effect sensitivity bellow half!
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