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  1. still no poop fix for the oxylus sentinels mod scan lifeforms 😞 worlds most useless sentinel darn if only my ps4 account could've been linked to my pc account then i would be apart of the closed beta 😞
  2. GLITCH im at the last part of the quest i killed the enemys and i cant proceed it did it again . i also fomrad my sword and exalted blade idk if that could be the reason😞 EDIT i was told this by someone on discrord it work Kill the last guy slower. Take 15 seconds and dwindle the health gone. Then it'll work fine
  3. saryn spores are amazing for striping Armour and doing alot of damage in conjunction with her other ability's . with her spores toxic lash and miasma i feel like 1 punch man XD . ive done alot of testing with her on lvl 150 enemys and she is better at killing than my 7 forma chroma , i will now be a saryn main . only thing i dont like is byou cant recast them on other enemy's and have them sit there on the first enemy's you cast them on .
  4. have you tried moveing your frame away ? i cant build stuff near my frame . its anoying to have to move my frame if i want to build like 20 m from it
  5. im not spending 2 formas to create a exilus adapter
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