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  1. FYI, if you talk to support I saw that they were helping restore scraped reactors for folks.
  2. I straight up cannot exit my archwing in open world once I am in it. The only way to leave is to get intentionally shot down or leave the instance.
  3. Thank you very much! I'm glad to be of some help, haha 😄
  4. When it was first introduced, the cryotra beam weapon for robotic companions had a very obvious beam when it fired, like a chunkier version of the artax. Recently, this beam has essentially disappeared entirely, now all that remains is a few faint particle effects around where the beam ought to be and nothing more. I have tried several different energy colors to see if that had an impact on visibility, but nothing worked. Currently, there is virtually no way to know if the cryotra is firing in mission, as there are hardly any visual cues, and the sound it makes when it fires is also faint and sometimes difficult to notice with normal mission sounds and music. For example, here: https://imgur.com/RHakask Helios is actively firing in this image, but hardly anything is visible between it and the enemy it's targeting (the one now glowing orange from a rad proc).
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