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  1. I found it rather boring and easy when it worked and didnt bug out. I only had to beat it once though so I'm happy about that :D took me 3 tries becuase it bugged and the dude wouldn't chuck glass at me anymore. I have no idea what I was doing wrong and I tried just standing still, emoting at him, and quite a few other things but he just stopped chucking glass so I couldn't damage him. 3rd try and it suddenly worked
  2. It bugged out for me a few times. He just stops throwing glass completely and I'm left scratching me head on how to beat him. After 3 times I made it though with out him bugging out
  3. Eehh it's not difficult just tedious and boring. The hardest part was finding the stupid 5 clues before the fight. Spent way to long there
  4. I have taken Kuva weapons from 0 to 40 in 2 or 3 zones with a booster. If you have that as your only weapon, no pet or anything with a nuke frame in your party it is pretty fast.
  5. I mean, it would be nice to help reduce some of the host migrations. I just play with a full party or 3 out of 4 so one of us is host, if the 4th member who is a rando doesn't queue up we just force the mission. Not my problem they didnt pick a relic or leave.
  6. I've honestly always wondered why there's no cross progress / cross-save and Warframe across the consoles and pc. They're getting pretty close of catching everything up update wise. There's got to be a pretty good technical reason why they haven't. I can only imagine there's always some issuses with the communication between all of the parties involved. Perhaps it has to do with in game plat sales...
  7. I don't even have all the current ones, the Liches take so long and leveling them up is such a drag. Let me catch up first! I would want a Kuva Ignis (I know keep dreaming right) and perhaps a Kuva version of the penta if we are talking corpus versions!
  8. As I see it one of the biggest problems with the conclave is that it's really unbalanced and to fast paced for most players, well for me at least. And I know there are a few people who like it and I don't want to change conclave stuff however I think it would be really fun to add a necromech vs necromech fight mode! No warframes, just mechs! The movement is slower and less dodgy flippy off walls which should allow for more direct in your face combat and I think the pacing would be slower making it feel pretty decent. Also with necromechs being fairly new DE might have an easier time balan
  9. Can necromechs pick up batteries for the excavation open world stuff? I don't have one but when I was running with a group where all three of them where in one I decided to stop picking up batteries to see if they could, and nobody was. Maybe that would be a good change to allow them to help out during missions.
  10. While I agree playing with someone using a limbo sucks 90% of the time you shouldn't complain about it or demand a special matchmaker for it. Just leave squad and try for a better one. Or you can stick with it for a single round. But depending on the mission limbo can make them last twice as long, so leaving is the best option. This is how I do it. Limbo on spy, mobile defense, defection, interception and disruption = yay Limbo on survival, excavation, exterminate and onslaught = no thank you Limbo on defense..... = Hate D:
  11. I dont useually leave but I wont often stick past the first round. If I do leave its becuase the limbo is taking what would be a 5 min mission and making it take twice as long. Seriously hate these trolls.
  12. Hello, After completing missions I noticed players who are playing Khora are having their texture replaced with the Venari Kavat texture in the final screen. Both I and a few friends have noticed this bug. https://imgur.com/rsOQN8m I hope this helps.
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