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  1. I just wanna add that my freinds and I always get screwed over by the bugs haha. >Lich/sister dissappears for no reason after the 1st or 2nd successful stab. No murmur revealed or kuva dropped. The lich/sister is just gone >Lich falls off map >Lich stab animation cuases you to fall off map/clip into map >mission fails for unknown reason? This is a odd one, sadly nobody is recording when it occurs >when making a lich or sister the larvling doesn't show what weapon its gonna have. There are many more that we have experienced these are just a few bad or very often ones.
  2. I haven't had any bad Wukongs. But I have had Limbos, troll Lokis, and Slowvas actively make missions worse and take 2 twice as long
  3. I got below 30 across the board except for my stupid Spirex that got a perfect 60.
  4. haha yep, if I'm farming relics in the void captures its literally faster to quit and restart then continue.
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