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  1. Id just like to personally request that the family on Deimos stays relevant, having been a much more personal story and development instead of another Plains/Fortuna situation. The family going as far as naming our character which takes it to a very personal level. It would feel weird and unsatisfying to just forget about it entirely and move on wherever the story takes us next, or on the next open world if we get one. Not that they have to constantly show up everywhere and always, and there can easily be gaps where we dont hear of it much. But I just feel they have a special value to our Tenn
  2. Been running some Vault bounties on Deimos today and on two occasions while ive been piloting my semi-newly acquired Necramech my warframe will seemingly despawn, rendering me unable to enter it from operator form and causing me to be stuck with the necramech and/or operator form. The Necramech during this bug is also unable to pick up energy. Should I die in operator form after either being kicked out of the Necramech when it dies or when I intentionally exit, I got down as if a warframe and if I revive the operator disappears and I get stuck in a vaguely spectator-like view where I can freel
  3. I havent checked if its still happening lately but I havent seen any patch notes about it personally so please do take a look at Octavia's abilities again, they've been performing really poorly with enemies actually hitting a Resonator that carries a Mallet since sometime around the status rework or maybe even longer. I just only noticed it in the status rework. I just get no damage scaling as enemies cant seem to hit it ever. And I know ive seen it work perfectly fine consistently sometime before that so I dont think im just misunderstanding things.
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