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  1. While I can understand your sentiment on wanting to speak up to defend the people you associate with, you'd have to be disingenuous to say that your clan members are abiding by the rules you mentioned. Your clan's discord channel #dojo is publicly open to anyone in the server and consistently produces incidents where members link controversial forum posts like these and then engage in wholly unconstructive denigration against people that they can't see eye to eye with. While you may think it's contained on the server, I've seen my fair share of excerpts from various connections (past and present Q members, guests) to know that such things do exist and that it's practically become a norm there. It would come as no surprise to me if plenty of people, however uninformed you might like to think they are, form their impressions of your clan based on such examples of trash talk. You may not exemplify such behavior, but you can't deny that it doesn't exist within the clan and that it is a far cry from what you would regard as "respectful". Additionally, whether you like it or not, members in the clan who did indeed engage in the specific exploits you mentioned do exist and have given a bad name to your entire clan through association. The onus is on your leadership to manage your clan's reputation, not the public. The fact remains that plenty of scores from Q and Q Storm members got wiped during the duration of this event leading to drastic decline in leaderboard scores mid-event. We can debate until the cows come home on whether or not the removal of scores was done cleanly or not, but as far as I'm concerned your word is as good as nothing without actual concrete proof. Do you have a recording of your run? Were you aware of any action your squadmates participated in that might have triggered red flags? How do I know that you're not lying through your teeth and saying this just for forum clout? DE might not have handled this situation as best as they could have in many regards, but their actions are a separate issue from your responsibility as a player. At the end of the day you as a player ought to be prepared to be as 'clean' and transparent as you can if there's ever an inquiry into whatever action you take on the game.
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