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  1. I mean I refuse to play index and any bounties related to index because index is a form of gambling which goes against my principles, I'm not and would not ask DE to remove it from night wave just because I dont play it...
  2. Top used frame is Inaros, top used weapon is the hema
  3. Dont remember this was a few weeks ago but the site was suggesting the price was leaked by someone within xbox to try and gauge fan reaction. From what was said, the Playsation 5 would be around £400 and the xbox would be around £800 which is very expensive if true
  4. The rolls for weapons really dont change much, the only thing that changes is the stat bonus (unless u are comparing different mk level?) and ur incorrect about the zekti carcinox having lower damage, it has higher base damage and its burst damage is the highest variant. Zekti photor has the highest damage and the highest crit, not sure why you think otherwise, here is the wiki with all the details for the weapons as proof. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Railjack/Armaments
  5. Not as expensive as the new xbox from the sounds of things, hearing that thing might be double the price of the PS5
  6. Big wall of text and I'm not sure how pokemon which is a turn based game relates to warframe even as an example, seems a weird choice
  7. Interesting, where did u get the numbers? Does DE publish them somewhere?
  8. Highly recommend getting the cruising speed mod, that is huge quality of life improvement in terms of maneuverability. Still not as fast as we used to be at maxed boost but not far off and it's a pretty consistent speed without a cooldown
  9. Yeah I agree there should be more mission variety and I fully anticipate more to come from DE around Railjack (remember we have only fought 1 faction so far and it's clear corpus are in the works). Yes I must say I do enjoy railjack, though I maxed out my intrinsics a few weeks back and pretty much have my components maxed so at the moment there isnt much for me to be working towards which is unfortunate.
  10. I believe it's the elite exotic outriders that drop the zekti weapons and their spawn rate is very low on Gian point (read somewhere that they have been entirely removed from spawning in Gian point, not sure if this is accurate though). In most cases (at least for weapons the zekti equivalent is the best variant) can u give some example zekti weapons that are worse than the vidar/lavan variant?
  11. Well yeah I guess, if that's how you want to play the game, I personally prefer variety so have been building multiple weapons and trying them out, like I mentioned in a previous post, tether isnt particularly effective when ur pugging, at least from my experience because pugs will get on the side guns and will inadvertently blow up the tether before it has latched onto something, in which case you are then reliant on ur guns. Additionally we dont know whether tether will be altered by DE (they could very well nerf it) in which case having multiple weapon options will definitely be handy
  12. By Zekti parts I'm also referring to the weapons, the drop rate of zekti weapons seems to be very low in Gian Point. I agree however that for everything else (in terms of farming) Gian point is much better but if you want a zekti weponary. And just to mention zekti shields are the best in class because they offer the fastest recharge delay which is the most important stat for shields though funnily enough that seems to be one of the only zekti parts that has dropped for me on Gian point
  13. Gunnery effecting forward artillery more would be nice, extra dmg, faster charge up time, shield bypass something along those lines would be nice, or even something simple like being able to use the forward artillery without having to leave the pilot seat
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