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  1. Got loads of helms and systems but the chassis is not dropping for me
  2. Sadly today has once again been a disaster for me trying to play railjack, a host of bugs keep occurring that stops me from progressing in a mission or prevent or in some cases even leaving a mission. Quite a few objectives are crashing resulting in the mission becoming impossible to complete, I have had slightly better luck on host (have to set it to friends only) but many of the issues still persist. Though my commando tree is as high as it can be and my railjack is tanky + I have a decent crew, I still would prefer to play with actual people. Need one more piece of sevagoth (the chassis) then im unlikely to play Railjack for a while (until they fix these numerous bugs at least)
  3. I've encountered these issues off-host not sure if you play on host or not but the other players I was playing with mentioned they faced the same issues
  4. How long do you think it will last? Once people get the new frame and weapon do you think they will continue to play Railjack or move on again? The argument that people are playing it now while is true probably only is true because DE put a warframe behind the content. People who hated Railjack before likely still hate railjack and for me personally who loved railjack before I think quite a few steps back have been taken. A lot of bugs that were seemingly resolved have been re-introduced along with new ones and railjack has become more grindy given the new resources/components and the fact that it now has a forma system which you need to maximise performance
  5. Not really no, my railjack feels inferior to what it was and the gamemode is back to being what it was when it first came out I.e. a buggy mess, endless load screens, glitches when leaving and entering the railjack, and a new one is the necromechs, for some reason off-host I can't leave a necromancy once I have summoned it, I literally have to kite enough enemies to kill me just so I can die and return to the railjack. This content should not have been released in this state
  6. This, very disjoint intro to the new frame and I didnt feel the music was appropriate to what was going on
  7. All this speculation about the ending, at this point it could mean anything all we saw was a golden hand, could be anyone
  8. Had a strange bug with pluto proxima, weapon parts from destroyed enemies were clearly present in my field of view however I couldn't pick them up, was hoping they would appear at the end of the mission screen but sadly they didn't. Not sure if this is a common issue or not?
  9. This is probably a silly question but does railjack support hotas controllers? (I dont think it does) and if it doesn't is there any plan to include supports for flight sticks in the future?
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