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  1. Here guys. Steam offers the option to bind controls to kb&m. Fixes the issue for now. Quick runthrough of doing so here. My basic video on it.
  2. Hey folks. Hardware/Software: Steam with a DS4 or XBone. Issue: The Layout sets aren't automatically changing between launcher/menu/gameplay/melee etc. Couldn't log in. I poked around and made a KB emulation layout for xbone that works as a stopgap. steam://controllerconfig/230410/1677848755 I've been posting it around.
  3. I was planning to put the stuff that either works automatically like ciphers further into the spiral, and leave combat stuff in the original slots.
  4. Hmm, or standardize them all by reducing steel charge. That way people won't "need" to use steel charge!
  5. Why would it take damage from the player? That would be awful. We can't buff them with self damage...
  6. @ShockBurst How are you modding with current nezha that you can't surround a camping zone with 1 trail? It lasts for ages in my builds... Just do a couple laps and it's everywhere.
  7. If you turn down a setting (particles?) It becomes a simple waist height band. Would be nice to have a toggle on that somehow though.
  8. Looks pretty great! To the 1 change skeptics- They mentioned long duration in the post. I'll take Loki invis duration in return for not turning off energy regen abilities! Also... How *will* his 1 augment work? A toggle on a cast+duration ability? 2 sounds fun, as long as the projectile AI works out properly, especially if it can Cascade when hitting speared enemies. Free orbs to power health/energy conversion alone is nice. The rest of the kit changes look glorious. The invuln on 3 running out of hp is a nice fix to getting one-shot through it... And do I detect actual gating potential there? Wondering if it still has the slash aura. As someone who resorted to hema + broken scepter in an attempt to make nezha better at high levels, being able to generate orbs *and* lose small amounts of hp is a huge qol improvement. Will his 3 augment still allow sharing? Shareable 90% DR that blocks status... For effectiveness skeptics- try out Nova without 1 and then with a 300+% duration 1. As written it'll be like that, except with invuln on heavy damage, the DR not peeling off to explode on enemies, and more armor/hp. Hail the death of unnecessary smashing! Tell Becky.
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