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  1. Kuva, Lichs, Railjack, Steel Path, Deimos,Necramech... Thanks very much for updating so many interesting things over the years. Although there will be new ranks and new challenges.But as an explorer, I am more concerned about whether warframe can have a complete story. When to explore the origin of the void, when the forces behind the scenes appear, when to break the void.Then the world lines of each Tenno are disconnected and the time lines are disordered. In this way, we can hear the final elegy of the parent star, find the chaotic truth of the parent ship, and take ordis to witness the glory of Orokin and the rise of sentient, and explore freely in the broken world.When in danger, you can leave a void mark and ask other Tenno to enter the world for a short time .Finally, give ordis the highest authority and leave everything on board to the old chap.I'll find a place to rest.
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