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  1. Apparently having 44gig available wasn't enough even though it only need under 32, I had to delete other games till I had over 80 gigs available for it to even download the update
  2. Mine won't even do that, it gets to 3% then says failed
  3. For some reason the download keeps failing for me, says I don't have enough storage but I have 43 gigs available, is the update larger than 44 gigs? Just saw the post above mine, so since it's not a big file, why does it keel failing?
  4. It's cause it was blocking, I parry killed it and it counted, thank you very much
  5. They were both blocking, but I play on ps4, did it get same update? What counts as a finisher attack?
  6. Hi, I've been having issues trying to unlock Jupiter Junction, says I need to kill a prosecutor, which I have a couple times now (got Javlok capacitor from each) and the junction still doesn't show as finished, I put in a ticket but it's been over 2 weeks and nothing, I've done every node on the planets I have unlocked and cannot progress any further into the game, when is this issue supposed to be fixed?