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  1. whats the prob with revenant? His kit has nice synergy and his 4 is strong even at high levels
  2. hello, my post was its own seperate topic, and I had responded to a comment there, but it got merged into this mega thread, it has left things a bit disorienting.
  3. Hello, I have no issues with dual themes within a Warframe, however many within the community are reacting to different themes in Wisp's design. My suggestion is an idea in the situation that DE does give Wisp a kit rework, taking into account the considerable displeasure voiced by people within the community. My idea is not a statement or a request, it is simply that, an idea. Additionally, I have not specified nor requested that either of these two suggested Warframes be released in the coming months, in fact, I specifically mention that release order would be changed according to DE. Take this into context, I encourage you to reread my original post and share your thoughts on the content of my idea. Thank you for reading and taking the time to respond to my post. I hope you have a good day/night
  4. Hello, I had suggestions regarding Wisp that I would like to share. If DE decides to make a kit rework to her. I suggest splitting the current Warframe into two ideas. One idea based on her aesthetic, and the other based on her current kit. Aesthetic: Rename Warframe to nightshade (or some other appropriate name), make her a proper ghost/wraith themed warframe. Think scary ghost horror movie tropes. Maybe she conjured a dead forest, or becomes a shadow on the wall, or while she's in the wall she can pull enemies into the wall too. Kit: take her current kit, and attach it to a new war frame that will be called wisp. New Wisp can have the current kit + some modifications from feedback, and release order would be adjusted by DE based on feasibility. I feel like that a lot of people were caught off guard, that they were expecting the original kit to be entirely different based on the warframe's current aesthetic. That is, people were thinking possession and hauntings and not wisp-like abilities. I really like the idea of splitting the warframes since you give many players what they want in terms of Nightshade's theme and aesthetic, and at the same time you're not discarding a warframe concept or disappointing people that like her current kit. I know it would take time, and the warframe release dates would be pushed back, but I think its worth it.
  5. Hello, I am a Garuda main. So allow me to share my take on her. 1) Survivability, she performs well at this but requires the use of her abilities to do so, which isn't a problem since she has an energy-regen ability. The trick is knowing when to use your abilities so you're not vulnerable. Additionally, her heal ability stacks and is affected by power strength. Her passive increases her ability strength as well depending on her hp. So if you stack a couple of altars, you're nigh invincible around them. 2) Her shield, it is potent. It absorbs/blocks damage from a considerable area in front of Garuda, meaning you are free to dish out damage while being relatively protected. On top of that, if you put your back to a wall, then boom, you're not a turret of destruction. also, the damage you take from your shield can then be quickly unleashed to wipe out enemies in a large aoe. 3) Her 4th ability is excellent. You want her older one, but I don't. That was a generic grinder that would be excellent for clearing out mid level enemies, but would be incredibly limiting as it has a low range, leavers her exposed, etc. Her current 4th is excellent for making high level enemies vulnerable, and for nuking single targets. I mean, this ability absolutely wrecks juggernaut. Overall, Garuda is a beast, and if she's around her altar. Run, thought it won't do you much good.
  6. Hello, I was advised to post this here, but essentially, on high graphics preset (on my custom one too, but i'm using high preset as a reference point) My visuals of the plains of eidolon at night are different than the ones from the dev stream (higher detail) particularly, the so called god beams from the moon.This is a screen shot from me in game.If they are running some other settings on the dev stream that is causing this difference, please share! But after talking with a clan mate about this, they said it sounds like a bug of one of the settings not working properly.
  7. all lighting boxes are checked, and bloom settings is enabled. I will try maxing out bloom intensity
  8. Hi, does anyone know how to get those moon god rays on the POE remaster? I saw them on the dev stream but haven't seen them in game. I had all settings maxed.
  9. IKR? Her design is so elegant for both forms, whilst still being distinct and having their own personalities aesthetically. Clem / 10
  10. Just wanted to share my pictures of equinox in the mists. i thought it had a really cool spectral/creepy effect. All hail the Red Veil 😄
  11. By the Veil, this is concentrated excellence.
  12. Valkyr's hysterical assault augment does not trigger anymore after the melee 2.9999999999 update. RIP cool angry leaping hangry aunty until fix.
  13. I find the complaints don't come from true veterans. They are people who logged in for the past two, maybe three years. The old vets will remember when the idea of trading was a far off thought. The old vets will remember how exciting solar conflicts and alliances were. The old vets will remember when the only bows in the game were the dread and paris set. The new popularity with Warframe is nice, but I don't want people to forget the wonderful relationship we have with DE, the fun sharing and supportive nature of the Warframe community, and the times when we were uncertain if we'd even have Warframe later down the line. I hope the crank and entitled minority shrinks. Playing for two years doesn't make you a vet. Heck, being a vet doesn't even make you a vet. Being a vet is having that vet mindset.
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