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    Cannot move bug

    was running hildryn on vorr nightmare mission, loaded in and was not able to move at all, couldn't use ESC either but was able to use Chat for some reason (yes, i know you cant move while typing in chat but i wasn't even using it)
  2. for some reason, warframe uninstalled itself, no idea how or why, might of been when i was shutting down my pc but this has happened in the past. DE should look into this
  3. When are we gonna get that change where Hydroid is on Uranus and Equinox is on Earth? Since we it would help nerf the grind for Equinox
  4. ocucor still isnt affected by riven mods
  5. Ok so I'm happy we got a new frame but can we legit stop putting them behind really rng based drops? or maybe make it easier to get the frame? since the missions from konzu are really annoying when it comes to drops, either you get 3 other things and 2 gara parts which i dont even need, seriously, either make new missions around this frame and the story or please dont put it behind konzu which you have to enter then exit PoE to get to, which then takes another loading zone to get through. Please! fix this so its not hours of grinding and hating it Edit: Please let there be a fix for the mission drops to either stop giving more of one thing or lower the chances of getting that thing very low, i dont need more 500 endo or 5 more gara parts, we need it to be easier without grinding for hours (yes i know grinding is a thing in the game but it shouldnt be the main focus)
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