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  1. I hadn't considered Paracesis' bonus damage against sentients. We tried using two Mesas and it didn't work out. Enemies scaled faster than our damage and eventually we wiped on a toxin damage bonus. That's an interesting question I hadn't considered. I'd say that I don't think the bonuses are necessary for other endless missions, but that's because my objective in the other missions is something I am incrementally achieving. For example, if I'm going for relics I'll do four rounds, then if I know I can easily do more I will, otherwise I restart. If I'm going for affinity, I stop whenever I have enough or can't kill enemies fast enough. Basically, I never have a reason to go for an hour, and I usually think that anyone pushing themselves to go that long is doing it just to see how long they can go, at which point there is no real failure; every passing second is the reward. With these challenges, on the other hand, there is a material reward, but it requires non stop attention for a lot longer than I would normally run a mission, and into enemy difficulties that I usually avoid so I can better enjoy the game. The normal rewards for doing disruption don't count to me because I could just get those running the mission normally. I think the challenge to do more, to push myself and work on my builds, is great. But it feels like... I don't know. Like there's no reward for challenging myself if I fail, and therefore unless I'm certain it's a waste to even try, but there's no other content to practice on to get better, so I normally don't bother.
  2. I've had two genuinely awful experiences in Warframe in my life. This operation is one of them. The game mode as a whole is not fun. Demolysts are not engaging or interesting enemies because they primarily ignore you to make a bee line for the conduit. Outside of a single seemingly scripted animation that they'll do once upon seeing someone, they're extremely boring. The MOA one seems bugged as well. Either that or it has fundamentally different mechanics with no obvious Achilles heel or explanation. The game mode is not fun; you're punished for trying to find the demolyst, and you're punished for not. Besides that, their nullifying abilities mean that a lot of obvious ways to use warframes to help with the mission just don't work, and, to me, it's not obvious that any warframe is the right pick or has a decent play style in this mode. That's not a good thing; having many ways to play a mode is great. Having none is depressing. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I hate these endurance style time sink modes, and I can tell you exactly why; I spend a considerable amount of personal time running these missions, only to fail close to the end and receive nothing in exchange. Without any kind of incremental rewards to serve as a consolation prize, a failure is a devastating waste of time and effort that is so demoralizing that it has deterred me from opening Warframe for months in the past. Even something as simple as 200k credits would help ease the pain.
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