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  1. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Gear wheel not functioning properly VISUAL: No visual difference REPRODUCTION: Try to use items or emotes on the gear wheel, or their keyboard shortcuts EXPECTED RESULT: Use items like scanners OBSERVED RESULT: Hotkeys and selecting items from wheel produce no effect REPRODUCTION RATE: Was 100% constant until I started writing this bug report. For now the problem has disappeared. No updates or bug fixes in between the bug and the fix.
  2. This is apparently an ongoing bug. When I googled it it took me back a couple of years. Whatever the cause it eventually let me log in as normal. Go make a coffee, watch some youtube, try again. Not great advice but it's all I've got right now.
  3. TYPE: Login DESCRIPTION: Logging back in after a required update (second or third time today, Railjack Revisited must be making some waves) VISUAL: You know what the login screen looks like, but logout had been normal, so the kneeling warframe was my Hildryn, not the default Excalibur. REPRODUCTION: Happened every time I tried to log in after the update - until I tried one more time 5 minutes ago, for this bug report. EXPECTED RESULT: Log in to game as normal. OBSERVED RESULT: Got a message saying "A New Version of Warframe is available. Exit to update blah blah blah" REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time I tried to log in, until a few minutes ago.
  4. Let's go back to the source on this one : Eaterofstorms' original concept was not only a broken warframe, but "the epitome of bugs that became features". So let's run with that, using Warframe's own history of bugs-that-became-features as inspiration. Most of these are useless in a new warframe because they're already features in the game, but there's a few that stand out for a laugh while still potentially useful : So, celebrating the long and crazy road behind us, in no particular order : - Oversized Sword. Does what it sounds like. Either summons an oversized sword (like the infamous Zenistar bug) OR supersizes your melee weapon for deadly (and comical) effect. - Copter. Basically grants you limited flight, either through adding a fast-chaining Slashdash-style ability or by allowing your melee attacks to refill your double-jump gauge. Probably the latter since we already have Zephyr. - Invert. Think the fast Nova (or as I like to call her, Gova) bug but on a massive scale - reverses the effects of bonuses and penalties on Warframe abilities, either on a specific warframe or on the whole squad (I'll let DE figure that one out). Suddenly corrupted mods aren't quite the drawback they used to be. Watch your squadmates intentionally make terrible builds in the hopes of getting supercharged! - Propulsion: Like a Sonicor on steroids or various well-known ability combinations, send enemies flying like a Skyrim giant. Would probably be more fun as an ultimate, rather than a single target ability. For extra fun, enemies yeeted out of the level could leave Team Rocket-style stars on the skybox. PASSIVE: Every time you run through a door, fall through the floor and out of the level (maybe some bugs are best left behind us) Like the Dragon Keys, the broken warframe can equip multiples of something usually restricted. Prooooobably not mods. But please let it be mods. EDIT : (that Zenistar image is NOT mine, I just found it on google)
  5. One word, DE : Clockwork I'm thinking a helmet with a giant golden cog turning slowly through it, vertically. Like some uncanny steampunk crest. Most warframes don't have eyes, but this takes it a step further by removing the place where the eyes would usually be. Obviously the theme lends itself to steampunk in general, but it doesn't have to be limited to that - Warframe has enough of its own unique aesthetic to make it work differently. The obvious ability set would be gadgets like Vauban, a tinkerer of sorts, but there are plenty of other thematically appropriate solutions. That's my 2 cents!
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