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  1. TestedBubble

    K-Drive Water Bug

    Another one! Asides from the glitchy aspects of the K-Drive on a non-collision and collision area I have found something beautiful. Easy to reproduce. 1. Mount K-Drive 2. Go onto a lake 3. Jump a little, hold forward and right click 4. Pray that you fall onto your face making you dismount the board while ontop of the water 5. You are now underwater Enjoy.
  2. TestedBubble

    K-Drive Jump Bug

    I’ll keep this reproducable bug post short. Basically, you can keep the visual charged jump effect of the k-drive without being on it. 1. Mount k drive 2. Charge Jump 3. Get off while still holding jump 4. Marvel at the glowing board I hope this helps.
  3. TestedBubble

    Trading Spreadsheet

    Thank you for shedding light on the situation.
  4. TestedBubble

    Trading Spreadsheet

    Version - 1.0.1 I know nobody has responded yet or probably viewed this but I have just added some more context to two of the fields. Just for clarity there are now fields covering what you traded away and what you traded for. I hope this makes things clearer.
  5. TestedBubble

    Trading Spreadsheet

    Hey all, It's probably my first time posting here but I have realised how barely anybody uses a trading tracker when they're trading. This should be more utilised by players to help them track their transactions with other players as well as their platinum profit. Hopefully you can all make use of this and if it catches on then I'll continue to update it with feedback from you. If you need any help with the spreadsheet or have feedback then feel free to reply. In order to grab this as a file go to FILE and then MAKE A COPY or DOWNLOAD AS. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kIwqNthbkBzfzW-GYtO_mQO1XVlelDqH749d7a5upd8/edit?usp=sharing