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  1. Railjack would be an almost perfect thing, if you didn't remove Gian Point. I really just want a node where i can fly around and just kill stuff without ever leaving my Railjack, i think that was the reason a lot of us played it. It was just fun.
  2. Then you must be too slow. Cuz im playing only Solo and get constant 144fps. And to counter that, yes Gauss wants to ram into stuff, but this augment would help with changing the play style, thats what augments are usually for. Also you can just ram into the wall instead of a door. That works fine as well. Don't have to be doors you are crashing into.
  3. Please add an augment mod for Gauss's 1 so all doors on the map will open on time, so that i wont always crash into them and destroying all flow.
  4. I really wish the doors would open faster, so that i wont crash with gauss every time, ruining the flow.
  5. Well, this sucks for all the collectors like me, that paid like 100 of plats for that thing, just to have it. Thanks for the update tho.
  6. That seems to be the case. 40 seconds Capture didn't count, but after waiting until 2m it did count (2nd try same map). This doesnt seem right tho.
  7. Too bad. I liked the "30 wrackage "completed"" better. It represents the early adopters more. Well cant have everything.
  8. How it works: You play Railjack, get random "named" wreck parts: example: Lavan Photor MK1 or Zetki Shield Array MK3. These you have to repair and store them in your inventory. Which means you have to spent Platinum until you can fit a total of 30 "named" wreck parts. Dont forget that the Dojo stuff like Sigma and the normal Photor etc. do not count! Thus you will have to get over 30 slots to place all 30 "named" wreck parts.
  9. There are no tier 3 wreckages, only MK3, which would be stated as such if requiered. Tier 3 means the Reward as Tier 3, since there is also a Tier 1 and 2.
  10. Can you please add a daily limit of some sort? Like you can only do 3 Mission in Railjack per day, but after that you have to pay platinum for each additional run.
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