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  1. I really wish the doors would open faster, so that i wont crash with gauss every time, ruining the flow.
  2. Well, this sucks for all the collectors like me, that paid like 100 of plats for that thing, just to have it. Thanks for the update tho.
  3. That seems to be the case. 40 seconds Capture didn't count, but after waiting until 2m it did count (2nd try same map). This doesnt seem right tho.
  4. Too bad. I liked the "30 wrackage "completed"" better. It represents the early adopters more. Well cant have everything.
  5. How it works: You play Railjack, get random "named" wreck parts: example: Lavan Photor MK1 or Zetki Shield Array MK3. These you have to repair and store them in your inventory. Which means you have to spent Platinum until you can fit a total of 30 "named" wreck parts. Dont forget that the Dojo stuff like Sigma and the normal Photor etc. do not count! Thus you will have to get over 30 slots to place all 30 "named" wreck parts.
  6. There are no tier 3 wreckages, only MK3, which would be stated as such if requiered. Tier 3 means the Reward as Tier 3, since there is also a Tier 1 and 2.
  7. Can you please add a daily limit of some sort? Like you can only do 3 Mission in Railjack per day, but after that you have to pay platinum for each additional run.
  8. For those people we still have the casual Arbitration, no problems there.
  9. Ah, that you mention it. The default spawn levels should start at 5000 and increase by 500 every 10 minutes. And yes, that mode would require you to go all out, take the strongest equipment you have. Abuse every single aspect of the game, because currently, there isn't one mode that does that. I was thinking: Keep the standard Arbitration rotation stuff (the mods , arcanes etc.), but because of the innate Steel Path boosters and the changes to the mentioned acolytes and Arbitration Drones, we would get more of the Steel and Vitus Essences. I dont want the devs to spe
  10. Sad. I just really dont like the reviving in arbitration. Making SPA without the reviving aspect would have been nice.
  11. I would like to get an Steel Path Arbitration (SPA) with: same unlock conditions (completing Star Chart on Steel Path) Arbitration Shield Drones have chance to drop Steel Essence the Steel Path booster affects drones increased Acolytes spawns (spawn 2 instead of 1 for example, or more frequently) perhaps let Acolytes also drop a Vitus Essence 1x Down = Dead, no respawning, no reviving, leave the reviving for the easier Arbitration no tokes from drones to revive, once dead, you have to leave or wait until the rest extracts +1 add
  12. I did it with Inaros, use 4 and melee everything. Worked good. I think it would be even better with Excal.
  13. I am deeply grateful for all the replies, but i wish to hear some sound arguments against my idea. All i'm getting right now are Reaction Gifs and feelings. Only like 2 of you gave me constructive criticism, which i managed to successfully defend against and overpower with my arguments. I understand that feelings are likely to take over the mind in a debate, but try to stay focused on the main topic and deliver some arguments that would solidify your stand on the topic. Thanks.
  14. ^This! Players always have to craft 3 parts to craft the complete thing later, and usually you want to do these 3 at the same time. If we would implement this foundry limitation, people would first grind or buy Platinum, so they can get an extra slot to craft all 3 things together. But what then? Thats right, they still have the extra slot! So they try to do more stuff while they still have that slot, since its going to expire at some point. This kind of psychological maneuver would boost the players morale to engage more actively in warframe! They would try to trade and speak with the co
  15. Exactly, its just my take on it, trying to improve it in a way, that everybody will appreciate it.
  16. I really like the Botanist mod. I usually use Gauss to rush through extermination Relic missions while equipping Oxylus with Botanist mod, and after i finished the run (like 1 to 2 minutes) i see some plants in my inventory. So yeah, if your main focus is to farm plants, then Oxylus is not the way to go, but if you want to collect some extra stuff while doing some other main objective, its actually pretty good.
  17. Hello my dear valued Warframe community. I am grateful for all your feedback on my idea on how to improve the overall Warframe player experience. Also I understand all of your concerns, I myself am a PC/Console gamer, and am not found of these kind of practises from other games. Nevertheless is Warframe an amazing game that managed to succeed in things that other games failed at. And only because its a thing that is implemented in Mobile games does not mean it wont work in Warframe. Mobile games are thriving among gamers all over the world. It is a statistic fact, even though these kind of thi
  18. In my humble opinion, the points i have provided should be enough to convince everybody that this is an excellent idea. Sure there are some fears here and there, but once you get used to it, it will beneficial to everybody. We have to leave the comfort zone to reach a better future. That is a step i am willing to take.
  19. I am glad you finally came to share my point of view. I hope this system gets implemented as soon as possible so we can all enjoy Warframe even more than we already are. Happy New Year.
  20. In case of people that keep their stuff piling up in the foundry: before implementing this system, give like 1 month time for people to claim their stuff. Everything unclaimed except for 2 things will get permanently removed. Edit: that sound like a fair and transparent way of doing it.
  21. Thats the way F2P games usually tend to be though. So i dont think adding 1 tiny addition to the system would be considered as "draining the players". Edit: especially when that addition improves the overall player experience.
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