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  1. Railjack would be an almost perfect thing, if you didn't remove Gian Point. I really just want a node where i can fly around and just kill stuff without ever leaving my Railjack, i think that was the reason a lot of us played it. It was just fun.
  2. Then you must be too slow. Cuz im playing only Solo and get constant 144fps. And to counter that, yes Gauss wants to ram into stuff, but this augment would help with changing the play style, thats what augments are usually for. Also you can just ram into the wall instead of a door. That works fine as well. Don't have to be doors you are crashing into.
  3. Please add an augment mod for Gauss's 1 so all doors on the map will open on time, so that i wont always crash into them and destroying all flow.
  4. I really wish the doors would open faster, so that i wont crash with gauss every time, ruining the flow.
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