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  1. neat concept Corvid I think if that concept were carried forward by DE they could evolve something really cool out of it.
  2. They are fine they do what they do. Any change in damage and the way it is received while still optionally avoidable is skillful. However I don't mind the sentiment in conjunction with the suggestion. I wouldn't want to see the mechanics removed. But I would love to see your mechanics implemented in place of 60% of the current bleed and toxic procs. Would add some nice layers and i think reduce the issues your encountering. I would also like to see the slash and toxic proc damage output tripled in total. With the damage being received being increased exponentially until it reaches its
  3. I would prefer content over balance patching. Content is all balanced against content, to balance now is at the cost of time later. In other words any balance now will be offset if they release another 6 gigs of content next year. And from where this game was to where it is now, I'd prefer the gigs over constantly revisiting balance to a game that changes like the surface of water in a hurricane. Even if it only restricted a gig in the name of balance, I'd take the content.
  4. If my account were banned i would make another account. :D
  5. still to easy for me. As for the general populace, from the people i pick up all the time who bumble through i think it may be at a good balance. I am on the fence on this one, as their pain is not my pleasure. I wouldn't mind some unrewarded upper level game play with achievements and badges as recognition. I wouldn't want to cut the weaker players out of game changing reward pools.
  6. haha no make a G3 that tries to bolt your account. If your caught they lock you out of your account. I win the worst idea :D!
  7. I understand what you mean OP. You were right about those rage posts. I don't agree with soul binding as a good solution in the current WarFrame build, but if shaped properly maybe a future build could benefit through accents of it. I wouldn't want a widespread blanket of it applied. I feel the same way about the market, we need more systems to sink the mod economy. I suggested a system here; https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/259447-named-weapon-system/ We defiantly could use some kind of system support to keep the supply of rare mods low enough to be worth the sellers time to
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