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  1. HurpadurpusRex

    Update 18: The Second Dream

    The 17.0 update was the nail in the heart of Warframe. Now you are just butchering the body. Infinite re-spawns. I would say you may as well give the frames water wings but they already float. Now it can follow the trend of every other casual cater game, a sharp two year 80% drop in player base followed by silly hats and server closure. Time to go sell $250 worth of Warframe items, which before update 17 were worth $325. I love what this game was, and i hope you can pull it together and get out from under whatever boot is driving you to produce this bland grind content and casual baddie support that destroys any potential of feeling achievement. Its clear in the steam stats you are now officially down trending, its clear in the market prices. On a personal level its clear to me. I ran a clan, out of the 14 long term players who played only 2 still play after 17.0. The second i read a patch note fixing some of the core killing poor choices ill be back missing loot despite my sold loot. I love this game. I hate what its become. The new content is grind without reward, operation without skill, clutter without substance, and mass without balance. 2509 hours played and I'm not done, but the games gone, so I'm out.
  2. HurpadurpusRex

    Forum Warriors

    It is a response to the community directly, and it is because a mandatory mod is very limiting. Your both right. they talk about it in tenno clock in person. Then go on to talk about their feelings about people on the forums.
  3. HurpadurpusRex

    Forum Warriors

    Yeah i like to as a policy always post a idea or a solution. For example a forum update where warframe developers could give people a good idea star when they read a idea they like. Then you can exchange those stars for rewards, platinum, skins, exotic weapon bps, founders section forum access.
  4. Yeah the bleed system could use some polish. I'd love to see it do 4x the shot that inflicted its damage over 10 seconds and stack up to 3 times on enemies. That would make me feel like it at least had a function. Right now its only a mechanic to annoy players into dragging along a solution to it. Like a regeneration, or a equilibrium, or health restores. It defeats the point of a interchangeable components system anytime you HAVE to use a thing.
  5. HurpadurpusRex

    Is This Still The Year Of Quality?

    I would be happy if we rolled back to the release of melee 2.0 and tried all these systems again but better. Much better. Even meele 2.0 lacked polish but at least it contained a impressive amount of motion capture.
  6. HurpadurpusRex

    Multishot Mods Are A Problem. And It's Going To Get Worse.

    I would love to see some creative redesigns of multi shot. Here's some skeletal concepts. 25% chance of splitting damage between 2 bullets. Increased status chance increases damage retained or even gained between the split. Increased critical chance increases base bullet splitting chances. 20% base multi shot and + 200% multi shot and 2 meters of pen on striking a weak point. On picking up energy while Warframe energy is full, gun may become charged up to 200 energy. 100% chance of multi shot while charged, 225% while super charged. Charge over 100 energy is super charged. Energy depletes every shot and scales to clip, 100 energy per clip. At over charge levels energy depletes at 3x the rate. Affinity gained by the weapon containing the multi shot mod levels the mod down as the match progresses. Starts at 300% multi shot and reduces by 30% each level lost. At the end of match mod is returned to its proper level. Any projectile fired at a 40 degree angle of a wall ricochets and splits on impact. Level 10 mod; lower levels of the mod have the degrees required to trigger effects reduced by 2 per level. 50% multi shot +50% for each empty weapon slot. Sentinel slot counts as a weapon, but the sentinels weapon does not contribute to this effect. 175% multi shot, ammo cannot be replenished for the modded weapon in match. 100% multi shot, total ammo reduced to one third ammo capacity at max. Magazines remain at standard capacity. 90% multi shot, energy required to reload the weapon. 1.5 energy per 1% of total ammo consumed in the reloading. (Or maybe health in place of energy) Multi shot on standing still. 100% at 2 seconds, 200% at 6, 300% at 18, 400% at 54. excess ammo pick ups are stored as charges based on total ammo of the weapon. 1% total ammo granted in charges per 1 retrieved ammo container of the appropriate type for the weapon in question. charged ammo is expended first, at max level the mod provides 100% multi shot. Also to be clear i would intend any of these to be reworks for current multi shot mods. Not as implements in addition to. If they released any or all of these in addition to leaving the current multi shots in the game it would not be good O.O . would be scary. And to reiterate lets hear some cool ideas! even if you love the current multi shot. There's always more cool things to be dreamed up.
  7. HurpadurpusRex

    Multishot Mods Are A Problem. And It's Going To Get Worse.

    The difference between pressure point and multi strike mods is there are fundemental play style differences when you produce more projectiles. For example the interaction between multi shot and heavy calibur. Some weapons you may be reluctant to fire with a maxed heavy calibur for example the ogris, what if your shot flys sideways at 100 yards and you miss your target. But if you add a split chamber to the mix the probability of completely zeroing your dps for the next two seconds of charge are highly deminished. Some more examples of different function through multibullet aplication. thunder bolt where you increase your chance of having a high damage arrow expload are increased dramatically. the change to you're experience with a shotgun like the tigris, where you change from aiming at the head of one enemy with the certanty of its death, to aiming at the chest with a condifence of getting a truer statistical chance of your bullets hitting the targets in the rear due to increased pellet count, and the ability to physically inflict damage to a larger area than half the bullets would. Or the drakgoon that depends even further on the random facter of multiple particles. Increasing the ammount of chunks a body is cut into by slash damage weapons so there are more pieces to be looted by necros. The interaction between more bullets and the engery shields of the corpus disruptors. your chances of hitting a target you cant see through a wall increase. If you fire 1 bullet with a wepon that has a 50% status chance you have a 50% chance of applying status. if you fire it with a split chamber that becomes 90% of firing two 50% bullets. Assuming you hit two targets with the spread, you have a one in four chance, nine out of ten times to status proc two targets with one bullet and no penetration. That would be a 0% chance with the removal of multi shot, applying a large nerf to status based weapons. TLDR All those examples said and done, I think the problem you put forward is very legitimate. The muti shot is to universal and vanilla. It could use a huge rework. Corrupt some of of them. Or make them decrease the total damage of a weapon by 20% then multiply the bullets. I may dissagree with some of your premise; but its foundation is solid in my eyes. The multi shot should be reworked, to make it less universal. To create a option rather than what is a near imperative for most of the weapons in the game.
  8. HurpadurpusRex

    Parkour 2.0 (U17 Megathread Topic)

    If you think thats bad try jumping near mutalist quanta cubes, or various other wierd things in the air. You will find it works in strange and dumb ways. Its a system that will never look good with the current net framework. The host tracks the enemies and you jump off of your consols percieved location of those enemies. The more the enemies/latency likely the stranger and worse it will look. It will get extra stupid when they realize a hack can almost certainly be made that reports to the host that the user is jumping off a target wherever and whenever they are; allowing them to essentially fly. Pvp will become dumb for a while when that hapens until hey remove it. If that doesnt happen i will be plesauntly suprised with humanity.
  9. HurpadurpusRex

    Hunting Memory Leaks

    Thats a hard fish to catch. Im on a G751JT-DH72-CA Asus ROG. Geforce GTX 970M 16 gigs ram. That is something i have never actually encountered. A situation that causes a percievable gradual slowdown has never occured on my system. 200k kills on this machine and 800 on the one befor it have never seen this happen. Sorry I can't be of more help with a example for your bug hunt :(. I run with the following programs operating in the background Hamatchi skype Asus web storage Steam Origin Content manager assistand for PS Vita.
  10. HurpadurpusRex

    Prime Accessories

    I am a founder and have bought all but one pack of accessories. I do want them to houner the limited concept of these accessories. However if once every year for a week you could purchase a single select accessory pack from all the prime pack accessories for their origonal Prime Access prices I would feel this is respectfull to the limited nature of the accessories. Furthurmore under the condition that the bound account had been active for a year and accrued at least 100 hours playtime. When a player wants a accessory, loves the game despite the absence of his desired accessory, and has desire enough that they are willing to sacrifice their money for it, I say give it to them. Thats the kinda player I want to play beside. Thumbs up for limited return of accessories for the people from me.
  11. HurpadurpusRex

    Parkour 2.0 (U17 Megathread Topic)

    Ziplines are not evidence of of a map being created with parkour 2.0 in mind as they were in many prior tilesets. Parkour 2.0 was created with ziplines in mind, and as such has failed enormously on the zipline front. I can think of no more direct way besides hitting a wall to kill all of your momentum. I have seen one zipline that was more effective than fly falling slowly and was only more effective because it elevated to a height i could not obtain with parkour 2.0; could have with 1.0. Sadly it was a lonely lookout tower near nothing with no purpose and no loot. The only time after my first test of the system i have used a zipline is when i went to pick up a power pack on earth and instead flew into the air magically and stuck to one, forcing me to attempt to pick up a different pack as that one was locked under a wire twenty feet above my head. But again ziplines are not evidence in map design of consideration of parkour 2.0. Moreover even if they were its a very weak consideration. Rails to feature as primary exhibit of parkour in essence. But lastly and another important point is that if they did make a level with parkour 2.0 in mind it would be awefull. It would be a huge vacuous space like all the demo videos with the obstacle course, or new pvp maps. The map would have to be a series of long toss flights abbreviated by disappointing slow wall hops and ziplines to regain elevation. Because unless your flying your just running on ziplines and praying you don't run into something to high to bullet jump. It would be like the orikon puzzle rooms but a level. The AI in parkour 1.0 was unable to keep up with spawning at your destination and creating rational senarios. There is no way it could operate to create a good feeling environment with huge void airspace's to make room for flying Tenno. They would have to bring Archwing enemies into standard levels just to cope. There will never be a level designed for parkour 2.0 because its design is terrible. Instead we will be forced for eternity to interrupt our bullet jumps with a front glide to negate our upward movement and allow us to roll without bashing our heads on low hanging anything/everythings. If they designed maps with parkour 2.0 in mind they wouldn't add details because you would forever be soaring over them. Parkour 1.0 was barely better in this regard but but it was. supposed to be a upgrade not restarting from alpha parkour 0.5. The highlights of the new system should never see the light of day in map making. Ziplines, slowly falling long distances, running up infinite perfectly flat walls with no rims and not ever looking away from them, unless you stop to look at the back of your warframes head for at most 5 seconds.
  12. HurpadurpusRex

    Parkour 2.0 (U17 Megathread Topic)

    Its been mentioned but I want to say it myself as well. Can we get a poll on the new systems for players to vote in? Idealy for rank 10+ as they would have likely and largely been able to experience both systems properly. Or whatever ranking deemed apropriate as DE has access to actual stats since patch release.
  13. HurpadurpusRex

    Parkour 2.0 (U17 Megathread Topic)

    I bet if we both had all the time in the world we could both find plenty of live streams where they talked for and against coptering. We dont know what they like. We don't know them. They aren't a hive mind. Even if they didn't like it and were forced to do it just to sell movment slot unlocks and forma blueprints by the 58% chinese owned partner would they publicly admit it? If they didn't like it for any other reason would they bother publicly advertising they don't like the thing they are making? Possible, but i wouldn't call it probable. Many users feel parkour 2.0 looks impractical by the same logic you have used it should also not exist. Those bugs in later updates were given coded speed values and their own integers. They were systemized movment for nearly a year now. Thats why some weapons coptered further than others, or swung you further than others. Also how wall launches were reduced in speed, and how less momentum could be built in later renditions of warframe. They patched those systems.They were used for navigating obstacles in the enviroment and for movment. Their existence since near hotfix 8.1.3 (where they were adjusting slide timers) has been intentional. Maps have been made to recieve chain jumps that are only possible in the old system. They do not intend you to fall off surfaces you would not have in prior implements of wall running. They stated the hop animation was designed to hurdle inconsistencys in the wall textures. Best case senario when you hit a small pipe running across a wall is you run up it. Mostly you just hit it and fall. The system is rank with glitches. All of them unintended, and sadly none of them have the benifit of being useful.
  14. HurpadurpusRex

    Parkour 2.0 (U17 Megathread Topic)

    Because it raised the skill floor and lowered the skill celing. Its not a hard concept to grasp that hes talking about, stop trying not to grasp it so hard.
  15. HurpadurpusRex

    Parkour 2.0 (U17 Megathread Topic)

    You miss read him. he said the obex was fun pre nerf. A loss of mobility limits every weapon with a high spin slash output in the game, reducing the viability of every such weapon. Your Tipedo did not get better with this implement.