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  1. What happens to the people which used exploits? Only removing from leaderboards? They should get a ban for at least 1 month. Otherwise they will do it again and again.
  2. Hallo miteinander, der Geister-Clan "Ninja Tauben" sucht mutige Mitstreiter. Den Clan gibt es mittlerweile über 5 Jahre und die Gründer zocken Warframe mindestens genau so lang. Zur Zeit haben wir 5 Mitglieder, von denen 3 aktiv spielen. Wir sind mehr Feierabend-Zocker, haben aber schon jeden Content mitgemacht und sind auch sehr erfahren. Dennoch geht das Real-Life bei uns vor. Der MR ist bei uns nicht so wichtig, aber ihr solltet schon Interesse an Warframe haben. Das Alter der Tennos in unserem Clan liegt bei ü28. Was solltest Du mitbringen?
  3. Personally I think, DE should announce when it‘s "in Cert" and "Live". From Cert to Live is a shorter amount of time, so people have less time to complain. When the Updates are "in Dev", there can be much happen, which delays the Update and people are getting upset. From "in Cert" to "Live" are usually 5-7 days.
  4. Only endless missions and you could pick relics from any tier. And get some steel essence too. How you all think about it?
  5. Happy New Year DE and Tennos, the last days, while leveling my Necramech, I got the idea of this. How about a PvP mini game with our Necramechs? As map, it could be a smaller version of the Plains, Fortuna and Deimos. It could be a 3v3 or 4v4. How you think about it?
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