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  1. Today i logged in at 1pm CET and there was the Daily Nightwave Mission "Graffiti". Now at almost 6pm CET it‘s gone. I only bought the Umbra Forma Blueprint from Teshin at 1pm. It‘s not the first time. It happens most of the time, that daily missions disappearing.
  2. I‘m hoping all of these, will make their way to consoles. Because all of them really look great.
  3. So, why are the rewards for long time runs or Steel Path crap? Warframe is a great game und I really enjoyed playing this game for long time. But at this point Warframe doesn‘t feel like you get rewards for effort. At some point, there are not much things that are challenging. And playing the Sortie to get another Ayatan is also meh. Ok, you want this game casual-friendly. But you also should think about players, playing and supporting Warframe for years. Here are some ideas: - increase the round-based rewards for long-time runs. For example: playing a
  4. What happens to the people which used exploits? Only removing from leaderboards? They should get a ban for at least 1 month. Otherwise they will do it again and again.
  5. Hallo miteinander, der Geister-Clan "Ninja Tauben" sucht mutige Mitstreiter. Den Clan gibt es mittlerweile über 5 Jahre und die Gründer zocken Warframe mindestens genau so lang. Zur Zeit haben wir 5 Mitglieder, von denen 3 aktiv spielen. Wir sind mehr Feierabend-Zocker, haben aber schon jeden Content mitgemacht und sind auch sehr erfahren. Dennoch geht das Real-Life bei uns vor. Der MR ist bei uns nicht so wichtig, aber ihr solltet schon Interesse an Warframe haben. Das Alter der Tennos in unserem Clan liegt bei ü28. Was solltest Du mitbringen?
  6. Personally I think, DE should announce when it‘s "in Cert" and "Live". From Cert to Live is a shorter amount of time, so people have less time to complain. When the Updates are "in Dev", there can be much happen, which delays the Update and people are getting upset. From "in Cert" to "Live" are usually 5-7 days.
  7. Only endless missions and you could pick relics from any tier. And get some steel essence too. How you all think about it?
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