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  1. I'd really like this to not actually be a bug (having Ash be exceptionally powerful at something related to endgame content would be a nice change of pace) but it's pretty clear that being able to chain Fatal Teleport hits is at the very least inconsistent with how Demolysts react to the ability and possibly not intentional. Like with Demolysts, the grineer Demolishers are momentarily stunned by Teleport, but unlike Demolysts, Demolishers are also hit by the follow-up finisher from Fatal Teleport which not only does enormous damage but roots the enemy in place during the animation. Additionally the AI on the level seems unable or unwilling to attack Ash during these animations the vast majority of the time, I'm not sure if this is a separate bug or if frames simply can't be targeted during finishers for some reason.
  2. I've found a lot of weird mechanics involving Wisp, some of which may or may not be intentional, but the Wil-o-wisp glitch is definitely the most problematic and should probably be hotfixed as soon as possible. How this works, as I understand it, is that when you use Wisp's 2 and then press it again to teleport to the decoy, you're given a rather generous 4 second invulnerability period afterwards. This is already pretty abuseable in itself, but what really makes it nuts is that if you spam the ability over and over (easily done if you're pointing at the ground, for instance) the invulnerability periods stack on top of each other (for instance, warping to your clone 10 times in a row causes 40 seconds of invulnerability to be built up) and this invulnerability continues while you're running around shooting at enemies or whatever else you feel like doing. On builds with max efficiency and Arcane Energize and the like you're always going to have energy to spam this ability as much as you want which means Wisp can pretty much be invulnerable forever. You can see the glitch in action here:
  3. I like the idea of giving Nyx more usefulness as a support role since she's already helping allies by CCing huge groups of enemies with Chaos and removing their defenses with Psychic Bolts. This damage buff is a great idea that does seem to have some potential in pushing huge damage buffs to Mind Controlled enemies, but it's primary impact is adding some strategy and timing to Absorb. From my brief testing the buff seems to be working properly, though you need some seriously high level enemies (like, a dozen lv 120+ Grineer Heavy Gunners all wailing on you) to absorb the kind of damage needed to hit that 400% buff cap. Unfortunately, for the time and investment of trying to pull this buff off properly the reward doesn't feel nearly strong enough. Assuming you're going for the strongest buff possible, absorbing the 100k-ish damage you need to hit that 400% damage means Nyx will be losing a significant amount of energy in the process as well as having to wait quite a long time for enemies to even survive long enough to rack up that kind of damage she needs to get the buff in the first place. Even if Nyx decides to let enemies just shoot her with her Absorb up that won't prevent teammates from killing these same enemies almost immediately, and it also makes using Chaos counterproductive since enemies will likely not be shooting you. It could take 60+ seconds of just standing around trying to desperately claw up that damage counter, and what do you get for all this effort? A buff that only lasts about 7 seconds and is disabled instantly if you try to recast Absorb. Also, the buff appears to be additive with damage mods like Serration instead of multiplicative like Rhino's Roar ability, meaning you're not actually going to see your weapons output 4x the expected damage despite what the buff says. With frames like Octavia and Chroma and Mirage floating around that can offer 600%+ additive damage buffs to the whole team with almost no time or effort required the 400% buff cap on Nyx doesn't feel very impressive. The bit about shutting off when Absorb gets recast is particularly frustrating because using the protection of Absorb's nigh-invulnerability is a great way to safely approach a potential Mind Control target and shoot it a bunch in the head at point blank range without getting destroyed by other enemies. This buff is supposed to help her synergize with her Mind Control but if you leave Absorb off to actually make use of it, it can very easily just end up with her getting killed instead. I don't know if this was an implementation oversight rather than a deliberate design choice but I'm strongly hoping it's the former. Despite being heavily flawed this damage buff is still a straight improvement to Absorb so I may be looking a gift horse in the mouth by criticizing it. I really do appreciate when the devs give some of the older, less popular frames some love and try to update their kits to keep on par with the new content. As it stands, though, this buff is simply too ineffective for players to even consider paying attention to let alone strategizing their playstyle around. I would suggest implementing at least one of the following for making this buff have a much more significant impact: -Change the duration to 20 seconds. This is long enough for Nyx and her teammates to deal significant damage to enemies but warrants Duration heavy builds looking to make their Nyx play primarily a team support role rather than "invincible Terminator Nyx". -Make the buff not shut off when Absorb is recast. Nyx is a very frail frame with weak defensive capabilities outside of Absorb. Allowing the buff to work simultaneously will make it much easier to incorporate it in her current game plan. -Make the buff multiplicative and impact abilities as well, like Rhino's Roar does. I know this would make her buff pretty insane in terms of power, but considering how hard it is to pull it off even once compared to something like Roar I feel like that kind of impact is justified. "Huge risk, huge reward" would be the name of the game with this ability with the potential for a 400% multiplicative buff and would absolutely make Assimilate no longer be an "automatic include" mod since friendly fire would make the buff available significantly faster.
  4. As someone who has gradually gone from hating Titania to actually enjoying her unique frantic, airborne playstyle quite a bit I'm very excited for these balance changes. The changes to Tribute in particular are very noticeable and give her a useful alternative to Spellbind as something to keep Razorwing Blitz fueled. I also appreciate the extra energy as well as the innate vacuum, she absolutely needed a buff like this to keep her from being obliterated in higher level content (thanks to having more effective health when combined with Quick Thinking) and this also lets her fly around longer which helps when using her in open world missions. My main concern is that the energy cost reduction to Tribute (50 to 25) noted in the patch notes does not appear to have actually gone into effect in-game. This reduction is a really big deal as Titania needs to constantly spam abilities in order to keep her buffs up. Any chance this could be hotfixed in soon?
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