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  1. well it is supposed to be a dungeon or somewhat of an endgame activity it's supposed to be long and in a way a mini raid. This isn't meant for most players but for players looking for a challenge. Reward concept I'm still planning on. Like all end game activities not everyone can reach it and mostly only the best of the best can do it. Although I don't really think this is that hard or that long considering once players get used to it, it can probably take like 30 minutes on average to finish or even less due to how powerful players are now. The only thing hard about this is that their objecti
  2. The Rift Prophecy [Warframe Dungeon Concept] Lately tears of a certain dimension keep appearing more and more often with energy signals similar to something familiar...the rift. Was this what the original Limbo was trying to solve? Was this what the original Limbo's operator was looking for before their fall? What could lie within the rift. How to start: A rift tear would have a 100% chance of appearing in a mission whether open world or the regular mission types but its a matter of finding them. They will however be obviously placed and making itself very obvious by spawning in the cent
  3. 2 things bomboard bombs and exergis. Its free CC and damage and aoe damage
  4. another buff suggestion would be rather than leaving grasp of lohk stolen weapons to have a set amount of damage and just shoot beams whenever. Why not instead make each individual weapon xaku has stolen, to behave exactly like the weapon that was taken; Like bombard rocket guns to shoot like actual bombard rocket guns but void damage, or corpus with the plasma rifles once stolen to shoot like how the enemies use it. While also making the damage as much damage as the enemy deals, this way players can get even more creative with grasp of lohk.
  5. my argument to that is DE's auto install feature for ayatan sculptures that only unlock by rank 10 theres a lotta useless features in warframe tbh
  6. to be fair this isnt for veterans but rather only focused on keeping new players interest in the game. This system is going to be absolutely useless in the long run but it makes good for helping the new players get into the game more easily. Giving them a goal from the start and wanting to hoard more. Until they eventually find out how the game actually is. However I can see your point and will be planning on making changes to the concept now.
  7. wait what, and last of all lets just say this system is solely just for the excitement factor. A system like this coupled with a UI of its own can make players feel more excited about an item. Although a bit more complicated, it makes some weapons look more exciting and would make thing easier for new players since they are more familiar with this system from other games.
  8. people are still gonna rush items, if its something good and incredibly rare it will give more incentive to rush it with plat. Like who in the right mind would rush a furis? Not only that, this will also help new players not waste their money rushing less rare items while also incentivising them to rush more harder to get items. Cause the excitement of finally getting an incredibly item would make people who can afford it, to rush it as fast as possible after grinding so incredibly long for it. Hard items to obtain are always going to be exciting to obtain and that excitement will boost weapon
  9. As we all know warframe has abysmal build times. Even for weapons that are no longer relevant as the fear of power creep lurks around. This aims to make crafting not take so long and be a much more enjoyable experience for new players and make veteran's lives a lot easier. While also further in reinforcing feel and the image of an item. In that way player's will know what kind of weapon they're going to be crafting from the start. [Foundry Rework] -The foundry rework is simple. Add weapon rarity grading and that grading will determine how long it'll take to finish crafting. Low MR weapons
  10. The thing about her passives is the buffs from it alone aren't that great, for a simple passive that doesnt do much around the kit its good but as a passive that their kit needs its rather lackluster. Either add a buff multiplier interaction with her abilities or buff her passive. As for the 4th ability yes most likely.
  11. [Limbo Augment Ideas] -I had a few ideas to make limbo augments, cause the more I played him the more issues I find in his kit. However, rather than a rework I think its just better if I just make augments that would augment his gameplay rather than rework him into something ideal. Although I already love limbo as he is, he can be a tad bit frustrating to work around his issues. Rift Glitched -Enemies who have recently exited the rift will have their abilities temporarily disabled and will only be able to use their main fire. Making their very existance confused whether they belong in th
  12. The Abilities seem too simple but that's okay since we have already too many of complicated frames. My only complaint is her kit doesn't really do that much and as stated before it just seems too simple. also a suggestion make it a darken dome instead, a dome that puts everything in a blackout. That way it can also work in open worlds.
  13. The Idea of this is basically "Gigantic" but in warframe. [Wyrm Clash] There will be 2 sides; one is with Fass, the other with Vome both with 4 players on each side. The objective is simple, keep the two alive for as long as possible, then defeat the opposing sides defence objective which could be fass or vome. However; just like all games, theres going to be more then just that to the objectives. For example: There are radiation fields, infested everywhere trying harm your wyrm from the opposing side, and many more. All in the meanwhile necramechs can be used. Necramechs would be what
  14. Ive been looking for things for put on Limbo ever since the Helminth system has been introduced. So I wanted to know all abilities that can bypass the rift, but most specifically breach surge sparks. The goal is to use the mutalist cernos and create an infinite fountain of damage that is stationary. Basically a turret on limbo that is also invincible that can be activated in the rift and affect enemies out the rift. However im not sure if the breach surge sparks can reach enemies outside the rift?
  15. seems like a fun kit but most of their abilities are kinda useless id only really use their 4 and 3
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