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  1. I didnt know there was a tennogen forum
  2. Would love to see the gardening part be implemented in the game however its most likely gonna end up in the dojo since well dojos have a garden yet we can do literally nothing with them and itll be a nice and fitting edition for the game thatll not only lore friendly but fits the theme as well for space ninjas my only hope is that we also get bioluminiscent plants and probably planes diving to get some plants there as well For the fish care im not a fan of that one infact I think its a terrible idea
  3. Saryn Tennogen skin concept
  4. Shinohasu Saryn I finally digitalized it. I called it shinohasu since it derives from "shi no hasu" in japanese which means "death lotus". Why didn't I just turn this into a tennogen skin into the workshop. Well I dont know how to 3D model but i'm sure this can turn into an actual tennogen. I drew base saryn with a new helmet and extra patterns. Which is basically what this skin is. Base Sarym but with a new helm and a different pattern. This is completely tennogen friendly to make. Also I just wanted to make a flower based tennogen skin and one that looked different enough from the rest.
  5. No it shouldnt reset but will be fully upgraded by reaching rank 30 then when a new nightwave season comes a new set of armor themed around the next event with the same mechanic or at least a gun that does the same which changes its appearance with the more you rank it up
  6. Or an armor set you obtain from day 1 but have to grind to make it look cool by doing a certain ammount of task
  7. Honestly I disguise buffs I want to give to vauban as augments since its a buff to only 1 ability.
  8. Vauban augment The idea for this is to give vauban more synergy in his kit and well buff our poor boi vauban. Although he could still do stuff, nothing in his kit really synergize besides his passive. Adaptive Bastille -Will now have varying affects if either one of his other ball abilities are set onto the ball of it. Effects per ability Tesla grenade-If put onto the ball of bastille it will no longer lift enemies up but keep them stunned and continuously shocking them by teslas damage for its duration for aslong tesla last. Bounce-Repels enemies and ragdolls them when set on the ball of bastille while also repelling projectiles Shred-Ends bastile early by making it detonate and strip the armors of enemies for its value of how much armor it strips and tripping and staggering enemies Trip wire-Bastille becomes a giant circular trip wire which will trip enemies that walk through it continuously Concussion-Ends bastille early and makes it explode giving all enemies hit with a radiaction proc and slowing them Vortex-The walls of bastille will now suck in enemies to its walls that will make them float above. Only 1 affect may be applied per bastille only exceptions being concussion and shred.
  9. Limbo doesnt use the void tho. He uses the rift
  10. Shinohasu Saryn This is only a draft of the design and I will update it as soon as I get my PC fixed. It's called Shinohasu cause Shi no Hasu means Death Lotus in Japanese and I found that name fitting for a saryn skin. The reason why I called this a tennogen concept skin cause this can be turned into a tennogen. I just drew a helmet and drew base saryn onto it. Then proceeded to add some details to make it look diferent enough to be defined as its own skin. If you ask why don't I turn it into an actual tennogen skin. Believe me I tried using 3d model sculpting tools and it did not work out well for me. I lack the 3D modelling skills to bring this to life. I wanted to make a tennogen skim that looked diferent enough from the rest of the tennogen skins we have already but keep it in line with her theme. Henceforth, this was born.
  11. There really isn't a reason for these augments. I just thought it'd be cool if Rhino could do this. Rhinocerous Strength -The range of melee slams with Rhino are increased by 200% and has a 50% chance to knock down enemies. (Can be equipped on exilus) Trampling Charge -Charge is no longer a dash but puts Rhino in a stance where he will gain 300% movement speed and pin all enemies he passes through dealing 100 puncture damage. When he collides with terrain. He will immediately stop and deal x impact dmg scaling on melee mods. Meteor Stomp -Performing stomp while in the air will make rhino instantly cast stomp without the cast animation onto the ground. Creating a crater wall around him (base range 15). Additionally when stomp is casted this way, it deals 300% more damage.
  12. Slightly more realized and a lot better. I could go turn this into a real 3D tennogen skin but im not skilled enough nor do I have the tools. I tried turning this into a real tennogen skin but im not good at 3D modelling. So instead I sketched my idea into a drawing so here. Blight Bandit Limbo My computer is broken at the moment so this had to be lazily done in my phone. This is what I got so far on the concept. Will be updating this thread soon. As soon as i'm able to redraw it once my PC gets fixed.
  13. Since Wisp uses portals yet doesnt have a single portal ability that makes her more mobile besides teleporting to reservoirs. I thought of this probably completely worthless idea. Etherial Step-When wisp dodge rolls, she instead performs a short ranged blink with her portals. About how far the dodge rolls range is the range of the blink.
  14. Currently their working on the new war and rail jack so id say less likely due to how understaffed they are would love to see this happen tho or at least a simmilar idea however I think theyve already mapped lore for this
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