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  1. The main problem is that he can make teammates not be able to hit anything outside of the rift. Which can be changed by simply giving him an ability that allows him to deal damage outside of the rift or create an opening where teammates can shoot out of the rift. He has no issues with defense, survivability, utility and support. I have seen multiple suggestions throughout the forums that can fix that while also keeping his identity intact. For example, there was this one idea where if that now allies can be inflicted with rift surge, but shooting outside a rift bubble temporarily takes them ou
  2. My only main issue with this rework is it kinda flunks up his dimension hopping playstyle. Considering you removed the main thing that defined limbo which was jumping in and out of the rift whenever he pleases and re added the energy cost which DE has already removed. (Incase you didn't know entering the rift used to cost energy and was his 2nd ability) The status immunity is unnecessary considering how limbo plays. Other than that it seems a lot better its just, this isn't limbo. This rework you made just doesn't feel like limbo. At this point this isn't a rework it's an overhaul.
  3. Banshee Rework Concept The concept of this rework, is to make banshee a lot more convenient and easier to manage. While also buffing and modernizing her kit into today's Warframe standards. Trying to keep what makes her strong, then making that her main focus. Then the abilities that are seen as less useful, to synergize around it. To keep intact banshee's gameplay, but amplify it to its fullest. Passive -Enemies affected by her abilities will slowly develop critical weak spots after a 1.5s delay around themselves. These Critical Weak Spots are highlighted on enemies and when shot th
  4. Mod Rewards [Warframe Mods] Unrelenting -Heal for 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50% of the damage dealt to you over the coarse of 5s. [Heal is not reduced by damage reduction and only considers the damage enemies deal to you]. Peace of Mind -Gain 0.5/0.75/1/2/3/4/5% energy regen per status effect you are inflicted with. Iron Will -Grants 10/20/30/40/50/60/70/80/90/99% immunity to any crowd control effects. Upon being hit by a crowd control effect, you will gain 50% damage reduction. Sanity's Grasp -Ga
  5. [Weapon Rewards] Weapon rewards Vocibus [Description] -Formed of the screams of many, that have perished within the realm. Manifesting itself into a weapon, in hopes of causing even more screams for it to strengthen. Firing darts that steal the screams of whoever is sorry enough to be hit by this thing. Eating the voices it has stolen. Holding the trigger will unleash the voices it has stolen in a devastating beam. Be weary, are you truly sure you'd want to wield this thing. If you don't feed it enough, it might manifest itself into something else to come for y
  6. still WIP since i'm still trying to come up with weapon concepts
  7. [Junxerinth the Conjoined Sanction] [Stats] Health 100/175 (360/705) Shield 200/100 (600/275) Armor 100/300 Energy 200/100 (260/160) Sprint speed 1.1 [Abilities] Passive -Using Infusement puts her either in a state of Epithikos or Pathitikos. Which alters her stats to whatever form. You always start in a mission in a state of Pathitikos. When in a state of Pathitikos, after damaging an enemy 5 times your next ability cast will cost no energy. For Epithikos it is when you are hit 5 times, or if you rea
  8. now that i remember something from tennocon 2018, wasn't the railjack dock also supposed to have recruitable NPCs to help maintain the dock and your railjack. They specifically said that this feature itself was supposed to be in railjack in tennocon 2018
  9. could've you at least credit me, since you didn't really change much at all and even just straight up took one of his core mechanic and even named an ability after his actual ability, while also using most of my raid counter concepts almost exactly as the ones you did without much change whatsoever
  10. Steel Path Variant: [Realm Of Madness] [1st Encounter]:Fragments of Parafros -The Parafros Spectres would first start out as formless entities you cannot damage until you deplete your sanity. However the Parafros Spectres can damage you with Parafros's regular abilities. Your sanity meter won't come until you encounter a formless Parafros Spectre. Once finding one, there will be enemies marked that are inflicted with Madness. Killing these enemies will deplete your sanity. The next encounter won't start until all Parafros Spectres are dead. [2nd Encounter]:Hall of Madness -Luckily no
  11. this looks amazing but it looks kinda too similar to regular gauss making it also possibly be turned into a tennogen skin as well. Which I will buy if that does come, cause that helmet smexy.
  12. [Parafros the Eternal Madness] The idea of this frame, was a frame that could bring insanity to the battle field, not by destroying hoards of enemies but by creating chaotic uncontrolled sitations all around. Escalating bad situations and adapting to the chaos it causes. Into one frame which is true to it's personality and how it was made to be. A psychotic warframe that wants nothing but pure madness. Stats H 200(600) S 100 (260) A 300 E 100(160) S.s 1.1 Abilities [How to obtain] [Realm of Madness] [Raid Concept] [1st Encounter]:Fragments of Parafros
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