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  1. this actually makes revenant into an actual sentient. This is honestly perfect, #*!% his minions.
  2. [Farfalla The Star Gazer] To catch a star, one must know how to wield one. To make a wish, one must know how to grant one. As brightly as they shine, as they say "The brighter they shine, the faster they burn out". It is still unknown what happened to her original operator, but for all we know from old war records; She just did that. However; death is not the end of every star. When a star burns out. They either collapse on themselves or fight back, but as a husk of what they once are. Is there something you wish for tenno? Farfalla may be your answer. Stats Health 75(225) Shield
  3. i dont think the cape got accepted in thought just the skin. Cause it doesn't say anywhere, that the cape of draugr was accepted. Also we already have a sword back cape.
  4. still mad baruuk mantra still hasn't been accepted either. I want my glowing hands on my monk boy with anger issues.
  5. how the #*!% did we get 3 pages into a simple valkyr rework
  6. I have thought about a rage meter mechanic that would increase valkyr's damage and ability as she's in combat and would decay when out of combat. However; I had to consider how big of a change that would make to her kit. I didn't want to overhaul valkyr, I only wanted to rework her kit.
  7. i already did something to make it so ripline would be more useable, rather than leaping up in the air and landing where the enemies are, it instead directly takes you to the enemies. Always launching yourself towards them rather than pulling a single enemy. This gives it more versatility, although a speed boost or a leap would sound cool, ripline no matter how useless it is. It's embedded in her design and is quiet signature to her.
  8. You are taken out of hysteria's invunerability when you try to aim with hysteria to use the augment its really bad, there was a recent change where it gives you 0.5 seconds of invunerability when you attempt to do this but it still gives you a window to get onshotted by
  9. That's the thing though. If augments are basically only buffs to the ability, then why make it an augment instead of an actual functionality of the ability. While the augments that actually do change how an ability works or are gimmicky most of the times, gets left in the dumpster. This is why augment slots should be a thing. Not only will it leave more room in your builds, but it will also give the more gimmicky and ability altering augments some play.
  10. Personally i think the armor buff is sort of useless considering hysteria makes you invunerable.
  11. the purpose of this is so the hysteria augment wont be needed cause remember augments use up a mod slot.
  12. Duration base, It doesn't refresh the mote with you but it refreshes the motes of your allies. This way if your teammates coordinate enough, theoretically you can always have the mote buff while also getting 3 buffs at once by just passing by eachother every now and then. as said in the description it is 1.2s before it'll implode. This is more of a teamplay ability on wisp. Where she can grant more energy onto allies and less on herself.
  13. Its still the same war cry that does that now with the added benefit of automatically procing your passive. That's what the passive is for.
  14. The reason why I made the passive like that which you should know heals valkyr, to make it so she doesn't die when its being cast due to its atrociously long animation. That's where the ripline changes and passive comes in. Since my changes to ripline make it so not only is it spammable but cost no energy while also giving her the mobility she lacks, Her passive also giving her more range. Makes it so that isn't a problem.
  15. Wisp Augment She honestly doesn't have that much problems besides her 4 and is generally the premiere support frame at the moment. So what do you give to a near perfect warframe? Allow her to do stuff she couldn't before. Breach Siphon -Siphon more energy into breach to increase its range. Additionally enemies killed by breach siphon have a 20% chance to drop energy orbs +5% per energy channeled. To dig Harrow and Trinity's grave even more deeper, I decided why not let her grant energy too. Sol Screech -Solgate no longer instantly fires and drains energy. It will onl
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