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  1. I don't know if this was a joke, but googling that simply directs me to this forum. If you found something more, would you mind linking it?
  2. So I was running around the new Gas City tileset awhile ago and found a weird purple container. Er, the container is grey, but it has purply lights on it. Anyway, I just kinda saw it and was all, "Oh, that's cool." But I found another one, and now I can't help but wonder if there's something more to these things. Since I haven't found a thread about them, I figured I'd start one for people to share info and/or theories for fun. Here's quick pics of the two I've seen: One Two So, here's what I know: They don't appear to respond to anything. Scanners, attacks, attempts at interaction, collision, ect. They act like part of the tile (which makes sense since they're reskins of one of the tile props anyway). They're in out of the way places. They...seem mysterious? Yeah, I don't know much. Oh! These two also show up in tiles that also have a secret lab. What I think: They might just be an extra mark that there's a secret lab on that tile, but they're out of the way, and that'd mean that there'd need to be one of these on every lab tile (which there may be). They could just be little easter eggs, but the last time I found one of those it was more obviously one, and that seems weird to hide so may similar ones across a tileset. Plus, if it is an easter egg, why purple containers? They might be placeholders for something to come. Don't know what, but it...kinda would make sense. Anyway, share your own ideas and pics of any that you've stumbled across. It'll kinda be like a treasure hunt or something!
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