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  1. (XB1)ultimategamerjr

    (PS4/XB1) Baro’s Vaulted Relic Wares

    Good to know, hopefully you guys keep on bringing back vaulted relics so the sets never cost 2k plat again, because that was incredibly unfriendly to newer players
  2. (XB1)ultimategamerjr

    Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    I mean talking stats wise, status is better than status/sec, meaning that the weapon will scale a lot better. Even if it is slightly worse at level 30 and below, normal status, even with a ramp up for damage, will push it farther into the end game.
  3. (XB1)ultimategamerjr

    Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    No, I'm not talking from hands-on basis with the reworked versions, but in using the old versions status/sec holds them back an insane amount. Just watching some videos on the weapons can prove that. Some weapons weren't changed very much stat wise from what I've seen, but the simple fact that it can proc more than one status effect every second is much better.
  4. (XB1)ultimategamerjr

    Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    They made it better. There isn't one beam weapon that got worse because of these changes. Taking away status/sec was a massive buff across the board.
  5. (XB1)ultimategamerjr

    Xbox One Prestige Collection Available Now!

    Can we finally get the PBR update for jade excal? Currently the skin just looks outdated.
  6. (XB1)ultimategamerjr

    Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    I think they are completely doing away with status/sec, at least that is what it sounds like. I really hope so.
  7. (XB1)ultimategamerjr

    Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    So this means that status/sec is completely gone? If it is, then that is the only buff that I needed to hear. (except for the cycron buff, which it has needed since it came out).
  8. (XB1)ultimategamerjr

    Xbox One Alert for the next Prestige is live!

    If you guys are re-releasing the jade excal pack, can we at least get a pbr update?
  9. (XB1)ultimategamerjr

    ♡Heart of the Ordis♡ Log in for your gifts today!

    I hope you guys stop at the heart ornament as far as making the previous conclave event rewards free to everyone. I don't want to see the other one given away to everyone, especially since now I can show off to people that I was around during the event and played it, since it has the cool lightning effects and people can visit my ship.
  10. (XB1)ultimategamerjr

    XB1 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.10.1

    No need to worry about them not talking about it. This was a problem on pc as well and it has hotfixed out, so we are simply waiting for the hotfix, we aren’t completely in the dark, you just gotta know where to look
  11. (XB1)ultimategamerjr

    (Xbox One) The Game Awards Platinum Sale

    Ember, Frost, and one other prime is getting unvaulted soon
  12. (XB1)ultimategamerjr

    Tennobaum gifting center

    I can never get enough catalysts/formas. I have too many reactors tho..... way too many. xbox
  13. (XB1)ultimategamerjr

    Tennobaum gifting center

    There was a few posts earlier today wondering whether this would be returning lol, glad it did.
  14. (XB1)ultimategamerjr

    How do i refund my platinum purchase

    Try to ask support, they might help. No guarantees, but it's worth a shot, right?
  15. (XB1)ultimategamerjr

    (Xbox One) The Game Awards Platinum Sale

    Your testing my will.... I really want to wait to spend any more money until prime accessories and the prime unvault pack