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  1. Transference Guardians (Scultpures)

    Beautiful :,)
  2. (Spoilers) ...mommy?

    Lotus is gone... our original parents on the zaramin went mad and tried to kill us... we were used for weapons of mass destruction against our will... everything in the universe wants to kill us (possibly our warframes too)... LIFES GREAT FOR US AINT IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!
  3. Installation

    run.... run away.... NOW.
  4. My gamertag is creeper1242 just how it is.
  5. a problem with twitch

    So I recently followed Warframe twitch channel but I still can't talk to anyone. It constantly reminds me that I've not followed Warframe channel when I have. It's kinda making me feel really disappointed and upset. I just want my voice to be heard. i also have a couple of questions for DE but that's not relevant in the current topic so.
  6. Banjo Brok, the Man Behind the Boot

    ........... yes. so much yes.
  7. Plains of Eidolon

    Just wondering since I couldn't find the exact release date when I surfed the web for info. If anyone knows when it will be releasing please tell me I would like to know.
  8. I'm just looking for friends on Xbox one to play with and have fun. GT: creeper1242 (add me on Xbox live as friend for future reference.) that is all...
  9. XB1 Octavia's Anthem 20.0.9 Status [LIVE!!]

  10. Warframe Builder

    can you apply this to the actual game?
  11. The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    I have completed the concept art for me custom weapon for warframe link:
  12. The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    So I have a weapon concept that uses a grip animation similar to the Nikana. It is a Weapon known as Unteathered Fury with similar energy effects like the War and Broken War. Now this is a rough design and it's original colors are to be Purple Silver and Black. Link: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/nbyCoYSqp15Kk-y_IYA4pmnRUrl0QLcW7INrAE_DWYCPs_FGUDh29gTXnHdOQKleJqGLHBevJBHsNQ1OXVfi_KoaayOVOzirftu3JTM2I4YwXmLAupr5p9ArEnQvAn-InzWKFnLxnPXuQ866cfzZXTdwiHhPq-Csr3UW0MFhpnk3qjcrd3mwFxHYiFRBkeQn7Q87p4KsBKA-eQhWT0TJYSSk9ZwaLqLVh16nflkh1HZcE7x8Qbd332QakzEwyQBLRLra5W9QVkD2OIGWkH9OM3me-6C8K3ndCb8roqWwpiW5L-n1YN2skNyOWQYFWMyV5hVi8gFrMGgDz_DjTta-V9ds2KyVPZ3hRUegCvB7MuBEJEHP7PcsFTSDg9FjetkPHUSpppmjC6QVNg8v92ftEdBUz8deVOVaxkRCJ4iJgm5uD71YQ50KhKyscSSUVjbXrw_t1V9rHCMRcF8Gc-LtVYZYK9gQYEitYxAB7w1eHF1oJE389cVGYLzrG1o7rdP-KTI9_RqG_BuAST4hoPpTgWhWT8sHcNOFQprFClm48RHBhn0hpuKaBqCDUaAzN5-7Bvqyy2xqMncUCqBf4uX-ZQnF=w400-h300-p-k-nu NOTE THAT THIS NOT THE BEST IMAGE BUT IM NOT AS SKILLED WITH TECH AS THE NEXT GUY SO PLEASE CUT ME SOME SLACK AND THANK YOU :)