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  1. (XB1)creeper1242

    Prometheus fan frame concept

    Alright I'll see what I can do also the blade is not exalted but rather that a solid new weapon like titanias dex pixia guns and what not. second ability doesn't make him immortal like valkyr unless tied in with the last ability promoting energy consumption in order to not die.
  2. (XB1)creeper1242

    Prometheus fan frame concept

    So I was thinking of a Warframe fused with sentient-ish like materials and parts and his role would be along the dps, tank, and self preservation side. Not much healing with others though so that's the trade off. stat wise, here it is (possibly at max rank): health: 560 armor: 490 shields: 300 energy: 310 abilities: Passive: when shields are depleted, armor and health are slightly increased while damage output is increased 1st: activating this ability Prometheus to fire sentient projectiles that increase damage at range but are a bit slow 2nd: activating this ability puts Prometheus in a state of rage. Engulfing him and anyone around him in a low damage yet fast dps aura. This binds well with his 4th ability allowing him to resist death and self revive without the usage of your four given lives. 3rd: summons a blade of pure blade stuff(lel ). This has a life steal effect lasting as long as you have energy. 4th: this ability with combined with his 2nd, transforms Prometheus into a sentient godlike being. Shooting laser shot from out of him while equipped with his life stealing sword for his weapon. Primary Andy secondary weapons are disabled while in this form. Note that if you die while in this form, you have a chance to resist death and self resurrect yourself. You are invulnerable while in this state for as long as you have energy( think of valkyrs hysteria) anyway, this may sound Opaf but I'm not too good at balancing these sort of things out so please bear with me as I try to put a little more thought into this frame idea. also I will be able to include some lore for this big guy but I have nothing on my mind at the moment so please bear with me for this too. Picture(s) (let me know if it doesn't work) https://imgur.com/a/60qGN https://imgur.com/a/CaJSv
  3. (XB1)creeper1242

    Banjo Brok, the Man Behind the Boot

    ........... yes. so much yes.
  4. (XB1)creeper1242

    XB1 Octavia's Anthem 20.0.9 Status [LIVE!!]

  5. (XB1)creeper1242

    Warframe Builder

    can you apply this to the actual game?
  6. (XB1)creeper1242

    The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    I have completed the concept art for me custom weapon for warframe link:
  7. (XB1)creeper1242

    The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    So I have a weapon concept that uses a grip animation similar to the Nikana. It is a Weapon known as Unteathered Fury with similar energy effects like the War and Broken War. Now this is a rough design and it's original colors are to be Purple Silver and Black. Link: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/nbyCoYSqp15Kk-y_IYA4pmnRUrl0QLcW7INrAE_DWYCPs_FGUDh29gTXnHdOQKleJqGLHBevJBHsNQ1OXVfi_KoaayOVOzirftu3JTM2I4YwXmLAupr5p9ArEnQvAn-InzWKFnLxnPXuQ866cfzZXTdwiHhPq-Csr3UW0MFhpnk3qjcrd3mwFxHYiFRBkeQn7Q87p4KsBKA-eQhWT0TJYSSk9ZwaLqLVh16nflkh1HZcE7x8Qbd332QakzEwyQBLRLra5W9QVkD2OIGWkH9OM3me-6C8K3ndCb8roqWwpiW5L-n1YN2skNyOWQYFWMyV5hVi8gFrMGgDz_DjTta-V9ds2KyVPZ3hRUegCvB7MuBEJEHP7PcsFTSDg9FjetkPHUSpppmjC6QVNg8v92ftEdBUz8deVOVaxkRCJ4iJgm5uD71YQ50KhKyscSSUVjbXrw_t1V9rHCMRcF8Gc-LtVYZYK9gQYEitYxAB7w1eHF1oJE389cVGYLzrG1o7rdP-KTI9_RqG_BuAST4hoPpTgWhWT8sHcNOFQprFClm48RHBhn0hpuKaBqCDUaAzN5-7Bvqyy2xqMncUCqBf4uX-ZQnF=w400-h300-p-k-nu NOTE THAT THIS NOT THE BEST IMAGE BUT IM NOT AS SKILLED WITH TECH AS THE NEXT GUY SO PLEASE CUT ME SOME SLACK AND THANK YOU :)