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  1. i would like that :D
  2. good to know my ideas are trash just like i am
  3. so say you really like a warframe but you do not like its current model. this idea allows you to change just the model of the warframe while leaving the skill set unchanged. the customization options will be as provided. works with primes too. helmet, chest, arms and legs(left and right) EX: Frost move set Ember Helmet Valkyre arms Ash Legs NOW NOTE THAT JUST LIKE TENNO CUSTOMIZATION, THERE WILL BE A BLEND FETURE TO WHERE IT MAKES IT LOOK LIKE THE WARFRAME ISNT JUST STICHED TOGETHER. UNLOCKS AT MASTERY RANK 9
  4. HECK.......YES...... WHO WOULD SAY NO?!?!?!!?!?!
  6. i think there should be a animation for when you interact with a baby kubrow or kavat that you hold it in your arms and gently tickle it´s belly as it squeels happily. and for a kavat it just playfully nips at your finger XD. please let me know of this and give me feedback. PS on a unrelated note, im looking for people to trade with but im not familiar with the prices of any thing. if anyone could give me some tips i would greatly appreciate it. HAVE A GOOD DAY :D
  7. cool
  8. can you apply this to the actual game?
  9. The title says it all.....
  10. thanks for telling me about the grinder prime issues. i didn't know they didn't have prime versions. stupid me :P
  11. so i was thinking of.... CHROMA PRIME GRAKATA PRIME and, KARAK PRIME let me know how this sounds to you and i would LOVE to see chroma prime in game :D
  12. I have completed the concept art for me custom weapon for warframe link:
  13. So I have a weapon concept that uses a grip animation similar to the Nikana. It is a Weapon known as Unteathered Fury with similar energy effects like the War and Broken War. Now this is a rough design and it's original colors are to be Purple Silver and Black. Link: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/nbyCoYSqp15Kk-y_IYA4pmnRUrl0QLcW7INrAE_DWYCPs_FGUDh29gTXnHdOQKleJqGLHBevJBHsNQ1OXVfi_KoaayOVOzirftu3JTM2I4YwXmLAupr5p9ArEnQvAn-InzWKFnLxnPXuQ866cfzZXTdwiHhPq-Csr3UW0MFhpnk3qjcrd3mwFxHYiFRBkeQn7Q87p4KsBKA-eQhWT0TJYSSk9ZwaLqLVh16nflkh1HZcE7x8Qbd332QakzEwyQBLRLra5W9QVkD2OIGWkH9OM3me-6C8K3ndCb8roqWwpiW5L-n1YN2skNyOWQYFWMyV5hVi8gFrMGgDz_DjTta-V9ds2KyVPZ3hRUegCvB7MuBEJEHP7PcsFTSDg9FjetkPHUSpppmjC6QVNg8v92ftEdBUz8deVOVaxkRCJ4iJgm5uD71YQ50KhKyscSSUVjbXrw_t1V9rHCMRcF8Gc-LtVYZYK9gQYEitYxAB7w1eHF1oJE389cVGYLzrG1o7rdP-KTI9_RqG_BuAST4hoPpTgWhWT8sHcNOFQprFClm48RHBhn0hpuKaBqCDUaAzN5-7Bvqyy2xqMncUCqBf4uX-ZQnF=w400-h300-p-k-nu NOTE THAT THIS NOT THE BEST IMAGE BUT IM NOT AS SKILLED WITH TECH AS THE NEXT GUY SO PLEASE CUT ME SOME SLACK AND THANK YOU :)
  14. Name: Krypt Gender: Male Warframe: Unknown Warframe Abilities: Blade Storm, Exalted Blade, Prowl, Vex Armor Apperance: Solstace Helmet, Chroma body, Purple, Green, black, and Gold color scheme, Boltara cloak, solstice shoulder pads, Tigris prime Chestpiece, and leg guards Allies: Val (valkyre), Nidas (nidus), X (Loki), Nara (Titania), Lia (mirage), Rinin (chroma), Nuxx (Grineer shield lancer), Ghiku (corpus Tech) lumino (Chroma female), ivy (saryn) Special Version of Krypt: Name: Avula Gender: female Warframe: unknown Warframe abilities are the same but exalted blade is replaced with divine spears. Apperance: Valkyr Body, Trinity Stragea Helmet, same color scheme and armor
  15. YES!!!! You are a life saver bro! My Kubrow still lives!!!!!! Im on vacation to DC and I was not able to put my kubrow into stasis before we left so I worried he might die.