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  1. Just wondering since I couldn't find the exact release date when I surfed the web for info. If anyone knows when it will be releasing please tell me I would like to know.
  2. When will the plains of eidolon be releasing?

    Alright I'll be sure to check then. Thanks
  3. When will the plains of eidolon be releasing?

    Alrighty then. Thanks :)
  4. When will the plains of eidolon be releasing?

    Just wondering since I couldn't find the exact release date when I surfed the web for info. If anyone knows when it will be releasing please tell me I would like to know.
  5. Gender swap skins for existing Warframes? (lol I don't know)

    Ok how the Flip do I delete this post?!
  6. Maybe.. just maybe... we could have alternate Warframe skins that completely swaps the gender of the Warframe. I mean, we all saw ash's early concept art and equinox is sort of a male, female Warframe depending on either day or night form. i could just be trippin but who knows, might as well at least put that in perspective....
  7. The limbo theorem quest needs a major rework

    Alright I'll see what I can do
  8. The limbo theorem quest needs a major rework

    I've been finding myself going through a excavation mission that is just too difficult to complete on my own since the enemies spawn in too greater numbers to keep up with, and their levels are too high to fight. I try to publicly find people to help me but I get no luck. And I also simply have no friends to help me or play with me in general.
  9. Prometheus, the sentient Warframe - new Warframe ideas

    Like I said, it's a work in progress so not everything is going to make sense at the moment. Sorry but stuff like this takes time. A lot of time....
  10. Prometheus, the Sentient Warframe Stats: high armor, health, and energy low shields decent sprint speed. abilities: - Adaption: slowly reduces the damage taken by 1.5% while boosting armor and energy regeneration - ocylust vision: highlights every enemy around him and shows the on the mini map while increasing armor. - sentient support: summons a squad of sentiments to help fight. Lasts until they are killed or the ability runs out. Their levels change according to the enemies levels. Does not stack. Only used once until ability runs out - extinction of gods: Prometheus enters a state of pure sentient rage. Immunity for a short time, damage taken increases health, and energy, primary fire are battalyst energy projectiles. secondary is a stationary laser beam barrage. Melee is conculyst melee attack. -passive: Prometheus regenerates health slowly. Lore: like the lotus, prometheus betrayed the will of hunhow and joined the Tenno ranks as their means to fight fire with fire. Prometheus is not however, bound by Tenno will and has the ability to cross into the void which most sentients do not have. However, his presence was not known to lotus until now. For he has hidden within a orokin deralect ship far larger than the zaramin ten zero. His reason for being there is to find a Tenno link. He may also be the only Warframe that could speak, act on its own, and feel emotion. more info to be announced including concept art in the meantime, please send feedback about my idea.
  11. Looking for people to play with

    I'm just looking for friends on Xbox one to play with and have fun. GT: creeper1242 (add me on Xbox live as friend for future reference.) that is all...
  12. 2 new Warframe Ideas

    Just thought it would be a good idea. Fight fire with fire sort of thing. Kinda like how nidus is an infested Warframe. And let's be honest, Everybody I know hates the sentient and their damage resistance crapadodles. Time to even out the playing field. i don't know how this will work for conclave but I'll try to make some adjustments.
  13. 2 new Warframe Ideas

    Note that I do not have concept art of the warframes just yet so just please keep that in mind as you continue reading my ideas. Anyhoo, here are my 2 new warframes. Prometheus; Sentient warframe, male Stats: high energy Low shields High health and armor good sprint speed Abilities - Ability 1: damage taken increases health and shield regen (no friendly fire) - Ability 2: health and energy orbs picked up increases armor for a short time - Ability 3: Prometheus's armor is increased while damaging enemies around him - Ability 4: Prometheus is immune to all negative debuffs while gaining a significant boost to max armor, health, and energy regeneration - Passive: Health and energy orb drops are increased. Prometheus is immune to all basic elemental debuffs. Paradox; time warframe, female (aka za warldo X3) Stats: low health high shields and energy moderate armor Decent sprint speed Abilities - Ability 1: a large void sphere where enemies caught in it take damage while forgetting any aggression. - Ability 2: a barrage of heavy Melee strikes to any nearby enemy and next to them - Ability 3: a swift dash that greatly damages enemies in the path while being frozen in time - Ability 4: recalls health, ammo, shields, and energy to all allies - Passive: energy consumed by player or character increases damage. Energy regens slowly over time The quests and concept art of the warframes will be put up soon. If they seem OP, then.... I don't know. I mearly am just expressing my thoughts and suggestion to the Warframe community. Please tell me about my ideas and if they seem ligitametly worthy. Thank you
  14. Possible Umbra versions for other warframes?

    Yah maybe..