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  1. So today I've been thinking on something. What if we could fuse mods together? We can transmute 4 mods into one, but for example, what if we could take say, an intensify mod and a streamline mod and fuse them together to make a mod that gives ability strenght and ability efficiency? Maybe limit the fusion or mod merge to one per frame/weapon/companion/whatever or I don't know be able to use a core or an item to make the fuse. The point is that I've been thinking on mod fusing/merging and how that could impact warframe or weapon builds. If this existed as a feature, meybe add it as an arbitration reward or something already on late game. We already have riven mods which impact the way a weapons performs, but maybe for people like me that don't usually go around unveiling rivens, mod fusing could be an alternative. I don't know, just sharing my point of view. Hopefully I managed to explain it properly and apologies if somehow made if more confusing 😅
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