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  1. Thanks for Watching (most of) Devstream #104!

    "That stream is going well" , says Stalker ; "It would be a shame if something were to happen...." (The Fire Alarm starts to go off)
  2. While that is true, I feel like I am not giving noobs a breathing chance when I use the Europa Prime in Conclave. I mean sure, everyone likes to kick @$$ people in PvP and other game modes, but sometimes people rage-quit due to getting one-shot killed over and over. I am not saying debuff the whole weapon, but in conclave make it so others have a small fighting chance though. Make the weapon more player friendly in conclave, If you get what I am saying man.
  3. I have noticed that the Europa Prime can one-shot (sometimes two shot) people in PvP, PVA, etc.
  4. The Second Dream Theme (My cover/Remake)

    I admit, it's cool.
  5. TennoGen Round 11 - Accepted Submissions!

    Awesome, can't wait for them to come out! #NeverGoOutOfStyle
  6. Valkyr Prime Access Ends Soon!

    We all know when Prime access Ends one has to go in then a new one comes out I am thinking the next one to be vaulted has to be Volt Prime with the Odanata Prime since he was my second prime in the game when I started.