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  1. Guardian1123

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #111!

    Hopefully we get more hints at what "The Sacrifice" cinematic quest is going to be during Devstream#112 or at Tennocon2018
  2. The harmony Warframe brings to synchronized swimming
  3. Guardian1123

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #109!

    So excited for the Crazy Cat Lady to come to Warframe!
  4. Guardian1123

    Limbo: plat or grind?

    Since Limbo has gotten a rework that gave him the ability to freeze enemies in time , do you think we should get a time-controlling frame?
  5. Guardian1123


    hallelujah! hallelujah!
  6. Guardian1123

    Having open worlds in Warframe: Good or Bad?

    I have felt the same way. It feels like a barren desert, only plops of living things here and there, no balance of distribution. Side-quests with a story I think are needed for an open-world.
  7. Guardian1123

    This year so far...

    I can't apply sunscreen if I don't have eyes, gonna be World on Fire for my tenno.
  8. Guardian1123

    What would it take to make you want to go into the plains?

    Other than having to go there to get the relics, not much. What would make me go there more would be maybe more things to do other than fishing, bounties, killingclones, archwing bombing camps , and Eidolon hunts. Sure, they are fun but I am like: Can we have more danger, archwing dueling , or maybe just an massive invasion takeover?
  9. Guardian1123

    Solo Survival?

    What is your go-to loadout , weapon, or warframe for doing solo survival missions?
  10. Guardian1123

    Price check in-game?

    True but it has it's uses. Also that's why I mentioned that there are other websites out there :)
  11. Since the release of POE , the community had various attitudes toward having an open world. Some loved it, some hate it (even though they won't admit it's cool) , and some are like meh that's cool. With the upcoming Venus Open World which would be Corpus based, do you think Warframe should keep adding open worlds for planets or areas? ; Why or Why not?
  12. Guardian1123

    Your first prime Warframe or weapon

    My first prime Warframe was Volt Prime back before his rework. First Prime primary: Paris Prime First Prime secondary: Vasto Prime. First prime melee: Orthos Prime I joined Warframe during the time Trinity Prime Access was being introduced into the game.
  13. Guardian1123

    prime weapon blueprints

    Pricing of Prime BPs vary with what the stock and demand of what people want in Warframe. Trading Chat is your best bet to find buyers and sellers. But Trading chat is chaotic at times to warn you, but it's worth the chaotic to find a deal or two.
  14. The best way really I found was doing Void missions or Void fissure missions. They are found in caches and crates throughout the tileset map. Also Orokin Derelict missions have been known to drop Ayatan Stars in caches in general.
  15. Guardian1123

    Limbo: plat or grind?

    The community has mixed feelings on Limbo. Sure there are trolls who hate him and sure, there are people who like him. With his rework , Limbo was made more team friendly. I was a limbo player for a long time tbh (even though I was cussed at alot in-game for playing him) If you want to do his quest, it's fairly easy (minus the archwing part). In the end the choice is up to you; would you want to spend over 300 plat for the frame itself?, or would you want to grind and build him throughout his quest: The Limbo Theorem ? I prefer the quest cause then I can save my plat, but that's just my opinion.