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  1. You've said it. Speaking of holes, there are a lot in this game. Tons of bugs, only 1% of lore and stuff. Warframe seriously need to patch itself up as casual third-person shooter/slasher, and only then should it go for the things like tactics, horrors, whatever else...
  2. I am almost sure that you've got a bug. Up to four torpedoes usually spawn. Also, I believe, if you have missed several enemies behind, just enough enemies will spawn on Corpus ship for you to finish the mission.
  3. Have you ever met WH40K harlequins? They are pretty badass, I must say.
  4. Yes, and to acquire Frost, you have to defeat Lech Kril, who has bunch of Prosecutors guarding him...
  5. I once took some time and translated everything I could read on Grineer weapons. You can find my translations on Warframe wiki. The coolest one were 'Cutface' written on the Miter saw and 'Bullets for your face' written on the Gremlin's magazine. There is also yet another 'Want to know' on Grakata. I really want to know why Grineer love 'Want to know' phrase this much.
  6. Maybe DE should finish and polish these three races we have first?..
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